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Does God Really Exist?

Or....Why you shouldn't trust priests.......

Is God real? Or is God a fabrication of the minds of inadequate men who cannot cope with a world beyond which there is nothing but void. Was God created by men solely to control the lesser breeds, so that priests might hold sway? That has been so over millennia.  In ancient societies, both primitive and advanced, priests and their equivalents held positions of great power. Now priests have little power. The power of the greatest priest is limited to garnering huge crowds of the faithful on his visits to lands afar or antagonising huge crowds who, with a rent-a-mob mentality and little knowledge or understanding, supposedly proclaim a later alternative creed.

Is God real? My research over the past 22.8 years shows scientifically that the answer to that question is Yes. The signs abound. Time and again, God tries to speak to man. Man doesn’t listen.

It is clear that even for the beloved Panzer Cardinal, now elevated to Pope Benedict XVI, God is not real. If God was real to him, how could he have been responsible for doing his utmost to hide the sexual abuse scandals of his Church for decades?  There was no question of ‘Living in Truth’ with him. 'Hide damaging scandal. It might disturb the faithful and damage Holy Mother Church. To hell with the young lives that are damaged and destroyed.'  That seems to have been his watchword.  But note that it is not to hell with the priests responsible…… The Panzer Cardinal got his reputation from crushing dissent...... just as the Panzers crushed everything in their path.   Truth was just a casualty in his Holy it is in all wars,

And the 'good guys' are just as bad as the 'bad guys' at lies and deception.

Only a few weeks ago, the Panzer Pope issued another of his homilies and urged people to ‘listen to the voice of the earth’…..his plea on global warming. Note that he does not urge people to listen to the Voice of God, as exhibited in so many disasters over the past two decades. But perhaps he never discerned the Voice of God in them himself or in anything else for that matter. Perhaps he only discerned self-interest and the interests of Holy Mother Church.

He did not see that the interests of the 'great Church' are only served by considering the interests of the lowest, the lowly, abused parishioner, choirboy or nun and seeking always truth in all things. The real interests of the Catholic Church, as particularly exemplified by its now notorious offshoot Opus Dei,  remain unchanged.  What matters to the Roman hierarchy is the accumulation of earthly wealth and power. So the Roman Emperor is truly that in both name and purpose.  Only the adjective Holy should be omitted.

He did not tell people to listen to the Voice of God, because he does not hear it himself. He does not hear the Voice of God in the world at large. There are curious parallels in the film What Dreams May Come.

For the Panzer Pope, the answer to that question, ‘Is God real?’ is No!  But the Church of Rome is real and that is all that matters. The fact that it worships a false saviour god and especially his  'immaculate' mother is irrelevant. Mary Magdalen was quite scathing about that particular practise in the Catholic Church. The Pope has made it plain that all churches apart from Rome are in error. But why exclude Rome?

Another reason for not exhorting people to listen to the Voice of God lies in not wanting to suggest to people that they can do without priests. If they could hear the Voice of God for themselves and see His Hand in the world, what need would they have of priests offering false pardons, which are not in their gift.

INSERT re soldier and padre

It is curious how Dan Brown has woven his novel Angels and Demons around the death of a Pope and the resulting Conclave. It should be thought-provoking in how many ways that novel cross-linked with the real world in 2005 and then back through history, precisely 503 years. If you have read Angels and Demons, you will realise that Code 503 is the key code at the heart of that novel, the link to The Diagrams of Truth.  If you haven't read it, now may be a good time.  It is a better novel than its much vaunted sequel The da Vinci Code.  However that novel has very many links to the real Alpha and Omega Codes.

To read more about this particular conjunction of Rome and the event which led to the foundation of the Church of England 503 years earlier, see  Lines of Kings

But then, which God is real?

In 2014, the Black Caliph claimed his god, which he calls allah, loves killing.  'allah' is just an Arabic word meaning 'god'.  Old Caliph Ibrahim does seem to have a certain Old Testament rationale for the atrocities his 'fighters' are committing in Iraq, Syria and now Libya.  See Destiny and the Black Caliph on our Doomsday Enigmas Site.  But it all goes back to the 'wrong turn' the Yanks took in Iraq in 2003, so neatly coded 507, World's End, by the Pentagon itself.

Inspired choice of name too by the Black Caliph.  Abraham in the Old Testament emerges as a gutless coward who arrogantly argues with God but is very much under his rather nasty wife, Sarah's thumb.  But then, that is how the Muslim races came about, or so biblical fables, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, would have it.

In 2012 I had quite a long series of communications with Michael Cocks an Anglican priest who has a strong interest in spiritualism and meaningful coincidence which he insists on describing by the Jungian term synchronicities.  He is another believer in the 'god of love'.  His spirit communicator who claims to be St Stephen assures him that there is no Judgement.  I doubt the identity of his communicant. - by their fruit shall ye know them. Cocks has referred to my God of Judgement as a 'god of hate'.  Clearly the concept of Judgement is anathema to Anglican priests and priestesses.  They are too busy wallowing in forgiveness and salvation.  But is it God's little joke on Michael Cocks that there is now a real god of hate at large in the world, the god - the 'allah' of the ISIS brigades of evil,  thugs, rapists, murderers and assassins all 'honoured' to be ardently doing 'their 'god's work'.

For later evidence (February/March 2011) see Japan Truly Apocalyptic. That was God's reply to the deceitful priest of Christchurch NZ, its cathedral dean.   He  declared 'God is Love.  God does not cause earthquakes'. He made that claim after the 2nd Christchurch earthquake, the 'Big One'....the sign of the real Second Coming.  The '3 in 1' disaster for Japan was a neatly coded reply to this deceiving priest.  Earthquake was followed by tidal wave which brought the nuclear reactor meltdown.  And all the time the authorities in Japan especially TEPCO lied about what was happening at Fulushima...just like the priest was lying about God. It is as if God was saying 'You say that I don't cause earthquakes.  But you also say that I am '3 in 1" So what do you make of that?  Notice the time by the way.  The earthquake came at precisely the time I intended (... 14:46hrs. Code 446 - On death all are Judged)

Well the answer was that the priest saw no message at all in Japan.  They are taught that God only speaks through 'His Word'  but the Bible is all too often anything but that.  Oh and they pray  for answers.  But they can't read the language the One real God has chosen to speak to mankind in these Latter Days, his modern hieroglyphics - real sacred writing.  That is because they are at best dedicated to a false god of salvation created by St Paul.  It is his god Jesus which they proclaim. 

The High Priestess certainly didn't learn.  At the rather Godless memorial service for the 181 dead held in a Christchurch park on 18th March seven days after the sign of the '3 in 1'  in Japan she repeated the same lying mantra  'God is Love.  God does not cause earthquakes ' 

The 'Sign of the '3in 1' came 17 days after Christchurch 2, on 11th March 2011 - 11/3/11.   Was the date another code?

Lazy hyping journalists around the world followed their Yank colleagues talking of the 'six month anniversary' of 9/11 on 11th March 2002.  We were in Melbourne.  The corrupt 'Scottish Justice' legal process which convicted Abdel el Megrahi of the Lockerbie bombing was nearing its end.  His appeal was overturned days later.  Man's justice is a joke.  God's Justice is not

Since  9/11 was the Hammer of God for America, was the '3 in 1' a Hammer of God for Japan? It came 17 days after the second Christchurch earthquake. 

And was that code a forerunner to the 'Star of 17' woven around the loss of MH17 in the Doomsday Enigmas. (11/2/15  11:23pm)

For later evidence (2008-2009) that God must exist, see The Airbus Codes. The evidence of prophetic knowledge, code repeats and the orchestration of our experiences around disasters, thousands of miles away,  leaves no other rational conclusion.  And none of the evidence requires a priest.  The message from the Airbus crashes is utterly unambiguous.  On death there is Judgement for all.  ( Code 446) That's not a message that priests like.  It robs them of the  power they claim to have of saving souls or promising salvation, as long as you do what they say.  But God has no need of priests or priestesses and neither do you.  Akhenaten said that 33 centuries ago.  You only need the mind God gave you. Use it to weigh the evidence. And live your life accordingly, in the expectation that God will judge you on the basis of your deeds in this world.  But there is a neat twist in The Airbus Codes; God did choose to use an  Australian Prayer book in a most significant way. It provided a valuable and timely warning, emphasising that hell is real

But the key element was once again timing.  The Airbus Codes are God's reply to the atheists and their Signs on Buses campaign...There is (probably) no god. Stop worrying - enjoy your life.  Again it is as if God said You chose the weapon - fine with me.   I'll take Airbuses.  And unlike yours, my signs are not all boringly identical.  But to read my signs you need a mind... the one I gave you.  Try using it!

And to the very day... the first Godless buses rolled out of their depots on 6th January, 2009, in between the first Airbus crash (27/11/08 Perpignan) and the second  (15/2/09 - New York)  But it was timed to the very day as if to mock the atheists.  For 6th January is the feast Day of the Epiphany in the Christian church.  It marks the coming of the Three Wise Men.  But in London there was only one 'wise' man, Richard Dawkins and two of his female acolytes.  Still it is a modern all-inclusive version of the NT tale - one  'wise' man and two 'wise' women..



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