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I added the picture of the sports coupé outside the Manukau cafe into The Million Dollar Question  on 22nd September, 2007, day code 22.9.7.  The idea had come to use the hymn with the line Riches I seek not nor man's empty praise  But the first line of that hymn is Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.  The tune Slane is indeed set for hymn 557 in WOV.  But that hymn is Lord of creation, to you be all praise.  It is not  exactly an inspired hymn, rather grovelling wishful thinking.  The priestess listed WOV 557 as the tune for the corrupted 'inclusive version of 'Be Thou my vision on Covenant Sunday in 2003.  It is funny how the inclusive hymns either reduce the greatness of  God or exclude Him. That's the way the feminist's like it.  She gave this reference to the tune to force all to sing her corrupted preference, rather than the original version of Be Thou my vision, which is WOV 455, naturally, also set to Slane. It made a most fitting end to a very confused service.  The theme had been Prophecy but she lost her place in the service.   But she had already inadvertently added the theme of 557 in the printed service sheet.  Only the night before I had modified one of my lux-aeterna pages  calling it Prophecy and 557.  The next morning,  the priestess was a key part of the next meaningful coincidence, Prophecy and 557, part 2.  It was another example of God's using people who don't want to know to provide me with powerful evidence.

 It was only when I noticed that image on this page this morning (Time now 24/9/7 at 1028 am) that I realised that that number plate SQ 4557 carried both 455 and 557.  And that car had been my vision.  Scott and Bill had their backs to the light.  But being born -again Christians, they would wouldn't they?  For them the light is Jesus the false god of Salvation.  They have turned their back on the real God.  One of them later referred to the "Mary Magdalen rubbish".  We'll see what turns out to be rubbish.  My evidence suggests it will be their worthless promises of Salvation.  They will find themselves judged by God, just like everyone else.  All the sins from which they have been rescued by the Jesus entity will be weighed in the Balance.  Their is no Salvation, only deceit in this worlde and Justice in the next. 

That car was just another little pointer that Iam right.  Where was the hand of their precious saviour that day?  God is forever giving signs in my life powerful meaningful coincidences to show he is real.  I was reminded of the fable of the Exodus.  Moses has to do better tricks than the priests of Egypt top prove that his god is more powerful than theirs.  My God was very much in evidence that day.  Their god was not.  Their god is all in the mind.   They have been saved they all claim. The question is, what have they been saved from and for what have they been saved.  What exactly is the entity they call Master, Jesus or Lord.  They don't ask too closely.  But they are in excellent company with mediums who do not question their entities too closely either.

But there was even more in the timing of that programme than I realised.   I remembered something very important.   It was yet more proof of what I have just said above.

It later on that night, 10th March, 2007 that I remembered something else. It was around the time of Scotts's 'Millionaire' success that I had rescued some ancient documents from the flames at the rendering factory where I managed the waste water treatment plant. The company had been taken over five years earlier.  Now the past was being destroyed. Piles of boxes of files were out for incineration. I decided to rescue the file boxes for my filing system. I opened a box to dump its contents in a loose pile of paper. It contained bundles of weighbridge dockets, the records of all the truckloads of meat waste arriving at the factory and finished blood and bone meal departing. The box was dated June 1997. “Was there a box for March 1997, when I started work there?” I wondered. Yes – there was. I found it quickly. I looked for 26th March 1997 and there it was – docket No. 55700.  Remember that Scott's cheque carried the code sequence 1902 555 700.  The date on which I rescued those important old documents from the flames was 8th October 2004. It is a date associated with Trains of Events and the real life event which came three years later on 8th October, 1952, England's worst ever railway disaster. The last time that film was shown in New Zealand I got a very powerful message of the Dead End which is the Gospel of Salvation.

My rescuing these documents from the flames just 'happened to be'  mid-way between Scott’s Millionaire programme being broadcast on the 4th in Australia and on the 11th in New Zealand. That find had been an indication to me that my days in that job were numbered.   Why else should my start day be so strongly emphasised I saw it immediately as an Alpha and Omega link, indicating that Omega was not far off.  The job finished five months later, on the day which was clearly long-appointed.

The 55700 docket on 8th October was at the mid point, a kind of fulcrum in time.  It was half way between  Scott appearances in Australia and New Zealand.  Was it symbolically warning that like everyone else, born-again Christian or no, he can expect to find himself being weighed in the Balance at the end of his time?  And the prospect of the fires of Hell are as real for him as anyone else found wanting by God.  It is rather appropriate that this message came through another chemist.  By 'coincidence', in the lab at the rendering plant, there is a thermo-balance.  

But there is yet more. The symbolism goes further.  I rescued the old weighbridge dockets.  These are the records of the results from a great balance, the huge weighbridge which can weigh a 40 ton truck-and-trailer unit in one go. [ But wait, there is even more, as I noticed on another weighbridge calibration certificate I found yesterday, 30th September, 2007 in our chapel library.  The weighbridge reference number is AO4458. AO is used in Christmas Carols as a reference to Alpha and Omega, ie God.  4458 is 2x2229, which brings us back to code 229 for the Last Judgement.]

Born again Christians believe they circumvent the Last Judgement because of Jesus, the blood sacrifice for their sins, a concept which is rooted deep in Judaic theology. At every Communion, even conventional Christians confirm their belief in a corrupted Judgement. “We have an advocate with the Father”, they claim.  In other words Jesus will plead their case before God the Judge. But for them, Jesus is God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. It all is so convoluted and corrupted. With Judge and defending counsel for the Christians, rolled into one, and prosecuting counsel also, for the rest, an un-holy trinity is made manifest.  This would seem to be the Christian view of the Courts of God.  It does not even seem to them to be unjust.  We are assured that the prosecution will be pursued vigorously for  all those who have not accepted the blood sacrifice of Jesus.  It all makes the corrupt courts of man seem almost honest in comparison.

Was my weighbridge docket experience, at the pivotal point between the two transmissions of Scott’s Millionaire programme not a confirmation that the Great Judgement applies to all, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, animist, materialist or nihilist ?.  Was it not a very meaningful coincidence indeed ?  Was it beautifully intricate Design?  Or was it the Skeptics only hope, their blind goddess of chance?  If you can believe that, you will believe anything.  You probably even think Tony Blair and George Bush are honest men, rather than the devil's disciples.

I met Scott and Bill on 10th March in Manukau.  It was the 23th anniversary of that raid on my Chelsea flat in 1986, by the ever-zealous Metropolitan Police.  That raid reduced Jenny to a state of terror, for a long time thereafter, whenever she saw the 'brave boys in blue'.  But perhaps the behaviour of these thugs in uniform was an important part of our education.  We came to see the Authorities for what they are really worth and it made it possible for the spirit of Mary Magdalen to link into Jenny's mind.  For she too had been in terror of the equivalent thugs in Palestine, the robots who did as they were told 2000 years earlier.


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