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In an interview in Time magazine in November 2006, the following question was posed: "Professor Dawkins, Is God a delusion?"
 Dawkins replied: "The question of whether there exists a supernatural creator, a God, is one of the most important that we have to answer. I think it is a scientific question. My answer is No".

Rationalists like Richard Dawkins are adamant there is nothing. Born-again Christians proclaim loudly that they are saved by the blood of Jesus, guaranteed a place in Heaven whilst all others go to Judgement AND thence Hell.  Fanatical Moslems believe they are conveyed to heaven on the blood of others. But between these various fanatical viewpoints, is there not some kernel of real truth?

Is the phenomenon of religion in man a response within man to some external reality? Or is it merely a psychological deficiency in man, a weakness, a need to postulate the existence of something outside, something to blame, or something in which to take comfort? It was one day in 1990, in a café in Kensington High Street, London, that I asked this question of Lawrence Brown, then newly appointed to the Alister Hardy Chair at Oxford. This chair had formerly been tenable at Mansfield College but by this time, it was based at Westminster College. Brown was an Australian/NZ psychologist who had spent many years in the study of the psychology of religious experience. His answer to me was that he did not know. I suggested to him that my research enabled an answer to be given to that question. I sent him a copy of my earliest papers, gathered together in a booklet. Naturally, being a psychologist, he was not convinced. It did not accord with his belief system.

Despite his scepticism and that of countless others, my research has flourished in the ensuing sixteen years, proving quite conclusively my various hypotheses. The answer to that question is that the phenomenon of religion in man arises because of an external reality. This is my scientific answer to Dawkin’s scientific question.

My extensive, primary research shows quite unequivocally that Dawkins is wrong. My answer to the question ‘Does God Exist?’ has to be ‘Yes’. Yet on so many things Dawkins and I agree; for instance, God is neither Jesus nor Jehovah, and there were no miracles, not in the Biblical or Koranic sense, anyway, nor the sleights of hand or mind that lead to sainthood in the Catholic Church.

The only real miracles are the tiny ones of meaningful coincidence. In this phenomenon is to be found the key to understanding the continuous interaction of God with this world, His creation. For these many, strange interactions cannot logically be attributed to chance. In the end, the rationalists and the psychologists cling to what are just belief systems, their belief systems, but just belief systems, nonetheless. They are every bit as much believers in dogmas or mantras as are the born-again Christians or the New Agers. None of these groups of people really have open minds or are susceptible to reasoned argument in the light of new and contemporaneous evidence.

The difference between Dawkins and me is that my conclusions are based on the practical experiments of a chemical physicist. Dawkins has no practical experience in these matters. It is hard indeed even to devise, let alone carry out an experiment to prove that his nihilist doctrine is correct. His zero results derive from his reading in Oxford libraries. Added to that, perhaps, is his watching of American evangelists, either in the flesh, or on television, and reading about the actions of man around the planet, from Bush to bin Laden, and of course, so many of their predecessors on the world stage.

Dawkins invokes a basic morality in man. Look at the ‘worthies’ in the city pocketing Ł1M bonuses, or the ‘toilers’ behind the private equity companies. Look at the profits of the oil companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the arms manufacturers. Look at the willingness of man to maim and murder, either under the aegis of the state or as an expression of private enterprise.

Oh yes, man has a natural morality, the morality of the gutter. Man fears nothing now because, for most, there is no God. Even those who pretend to religious belief do not exhibit such belief in their everyday lives. After all, ‘God is love’. Everything is forgiven. Benjamin Franklin asked Thomas Paine “If men are bad with religion, where would they be without it?” Two centuries later, the answer to that question is to be seen all around the world today.  And for too many others God is an excuse for Jihad, or 'The Cause'

Much of what Dawkins says about religion and its zealous or blind devotees is correct, but the corrupt nature of man’s religion implies nothing about the existence of God. It has implications only for the future of man - or his lack of it. And the anti-religious or anti-psychics are just as blind, and every bit as zealous, as any religious fundamentalist. You have only to look at Richard Dawkins, Richard Wiseman or James Randi to see nihilistic zealotry in all its glory.

I will describe next how the existence of this significant Time article was drawn to my attention at a significant time and a significant place.  Was it really just chance?  Ascribe it to that if it makes you comfortable.  Or was it yet more evidence of Something choosing to guide me?

I felt I had drawn Fragments of an Outer Mind to a conclusion with the ‘God in Three Persons’ experience when I ‘chanced upon’ the God vs Science edition of Time magazine in a the Countdown supermarket on 8th November 2006.  It was laid out on the shelf, as though to catch my attention, not in the magazine rack at all.  Glancing at the article, I saw its immediate relevance to Fragments.  I bought it and quickly glanced through it that night in the fifteen minutes I had spare before we were due to go out.

At first, from the captions, I had felt a little hope in that here was a scientist, Francis Collins, promoting the existence of God against Dawkins, the Great High Priest of the Nihilists.   But ironically, the more I read of the article, the closer I found I was to Dawkins than to Collins, for Francis Collins had done the usual trick of the scientist with faith.  He had compartmentalised his beliefs.  God could overturn the natural world, the laws of space and time, as it suited, as with the miracles and the divinity of Jesus.

I am a scientist with no time for miracles, other than the tiny ones of meaningful coincidence.  I reject all miracles, Biblical or Koranic….., or those of any other book or treatise.  I have never had any evidence to suggest to me that God overturns the laws of physics and chemistry to suit some ‘higher purpose’, that God indulged in magic tricks to convince stupid men.  That is a role for the skeptics, men like Randi and Wiseman, not a role for God.

That night we went to the theatre, something we do very, very rarely.  We only went because it was a promotional evening to raise finds for Jenny's chorus.  It was an evening of Victorian music hall sketches.  Almost at the end came a medley of songs, set in a Covent Garden-like location.  One performer carried a sandwich-board  proclaiming a timely message.  Of course it was meant to be Victorian London but the message is so much more relevant today.   In a way there was here also a small link to Lincoln and the strange series of parallels linking his death to that of Kennedy.  The End came for Lincoln in the Ford Theatre in April 1865...The End came for Kennedy in November 1963, in a Lincoln, a luxury limousine made by Ford.  And it was an echo of Kennedy's assassination that in September 1991 gave me the assassination clue to Princess Diana's death, then six years in the future.....  Oh yes, there is an order of coherence of which we can barely conceive.

Over the next six weeks, of November and December, 2007, God chose to weave the usual array of meaningful coincidences around Dawkins and his works and much else besides, notably Princess Diana's murder.  There was a most serendipitous comment in one particular sequence, on the Stevens report a week or so before it was published. But then the meaningful coincidences had 'spoken' of Diana's assassination long before her death. The full details will be found in Diana, Daughter of Destiny,  Volume 2  PenRose

A week after reading the Time article, I was in the privatised Papakura post office, filling in a tax exemption form for our old Subaru Leone.   As I was walking out of the shop, my eye fell on a small pile of Dawkins’ book The God Delusion.  It was fairly expensive for a trade paperback, but hardbacks are rarely produced in New Zealand.  I bought it, but just put it with the piles of other bags of books in the lounge to be opened or sorted as and when time allows.

On the morning of 22nd December, I came upon an article in the NZ Herald.  It was 9.14 am when I started to read that review of Dawkins’ book.  That 914 Code is a most significant one, linking both to nuclear disaster in America and the final demise, or should I say justice, for Prince Charles.  Later, talking about the review to Jenny, I decided to look at Dawkins’ book.  It was still in the bag in which I had bought it, with later bags added to the pile.  The book was undated.  Then I saw the stamped car tax exemption form in the bag.  The date was 14th November.  In American dating, that is 11.14.06, and 1114 is 2x557.  Something caused me to look at the power meter as I went out onto the back deck.  It was exactly 55111.4 kW at 11.30 am.  So again, it was 1114 or 2x557.  And in two more ways, it linked to Prince Charles and the justice which will come.  And, again it linked to another John Ashworth experience of May 2005. See ?-A Question of Survival, Volume 3 of Enigmas of Easter.  In New Zealand, it was the morning after Lockerbie, the 557 event, but in Scotland, it was 10.30 pm on the very anniversary of that disaster.  Was I caused to look at the book at that time as another little element of proof of my inspiration hypothesis that sometimes ideas come at the right time, when it is appropriate, from some external Source?

That is another thing for Dawkins to explain away as chance…..  Or is it really God refuting Dawkins and all his works, with absolutely precise links in space, particularly emphasising power, and in time?  It is Dawkins who has the God Delusion, that there isn't one!

That edition of the NZ Herald was the penultimate one before Christmas.  On the previous page, in a syndicated piece, Johann Hari was mocking God and celebrating the mid-winter festival of gross consumption.  He preferred to worship mammon than ‘a supernatural being for whom there is no evidence….’  Later he extolled the ancient winter festivals.  ‘These were winter festivals with trees and gifts, long before a non-virgin gave birth in a Bethlehem stable and these will be there long after the Judaeo-Christian God has joined Zeus, Baal and Odin in the cemetery for forgotten deities.’  It was notable that he omitted any mention of Allah in his diatribe against God.  He might just find his car wrecked.  But the Christians are a safe target for fun and ridicule because they don't turn violent and nasty.  Just keep off cartoons or Mohammed. 

Hari talked triumphantly of the resurgence of atheism.  And over that very page, there is the High Priest of Atheism, Dawkins, and a review of his book .  As if to cock a snook at them all, that day the Enigmas section of the NZ Herald, with the puzzles and crosswords had reached Wordwheel No 557.  I had noticed the approaching sequence some days before when my eye was drawn to Word Wall 2113.  I found the Wordwheel that morning because I looked for it. I went to our letterbox on the street for the paper as soon as I got up.  When I found Wordwheel No 557, the time on my watch was 7.42 am.  It was yet another  End Times Code confirmation.   Yes the Sandwich board message was correct.  And Pan Am 103 was a messenger, as was AA Flight 11 and UA 175.  It was appropriate this reiterated message came for Christmas, but then so did the destruction of Pan Am 103.

The solution to the Wordwheel was REINDEER and one of the words formed from the Word Wall was POWER and another was PEW.  (7.03.15 pm 11/1/7)

On the front page of the foreign news section of the NZ Herald on the morning of 22nd December, was the headline ‘Hard choices, sacrifice ahead’.  There was a large photograph of Bush backed by his precious flags at a press conference.  There are a lot more sacrifices ahead than that evil, egotistical man could ever imagine. 
The article also informed us that there were 507,000 in the US Army.  Code 507 is the World’s end Code, linking to the organisation which has done so much to bring the End Times.  (6.50 11/1/7 Note added)

So, I saw the puzzle at 7.42 am on 22nd December.  It was 6.42 pm in Lockerbie, on 21st December, 21 minutes to the 18th anniversary of the time of impact at 55o7’N, the reason we had been given Code 557 nearly three weeks before the disaster occurred.  Read about the Lockerbie Prophecy Jigsaw Puzzle.

Now the juxtaposition of Puzzle 557 so precisely was more evidence of precise design, the Hand of God in the world.  Puzzle  557 was certainly part of the Puzzle of God. I had collected the paper at 7.39 am at our gate.  N739PA crashed at Lockerbie.  Had I been woken at precisely the right time, as I had been on All Saints Day?

But the Codes did not stop there.  As before, Code 557 progressed to Code 558 – precisely, in the edition of 23rd December echoing the theme of the hand behind the assassination of Princess Diana.   It was reprising a theme which had emerged in late November 2006 and which is described in detail in Fragments of an Outer Mind, Vol 2, The Confirmation Codes..  The message of official deception in connection with the Stevens Report could not have been clearer.   It was another highly precise Code repeat, highly suggestive of intelligent design, and hence a Designer.  It was an error yet not an error.  It was all more evidence of God's inspiration, echoing once again the Daily Telegraph D-Day and Gulf War Code messages, part of Code 559. 

God is no delusion.  The interaction is subtle but incredibly precise.  I say so often to Jenny, that I wish the proof was stronger and simpler, the predictions more frequent and more direct.  It is all too subtle for most people, who cannot be bothered with detailed accounts, who have no desire to stick their necks out and think for themselves.  Professor Atkins, is another of the nihilistic Oxford cognoscenti, but ironically, like me, another  product of the Physical Chemistry Lab, there in the 1960s.  'Thinkers' like Johann Hari or Professor Atkins can claim there is no proof because they read only what suits them.  Hari, in common with most journalists, makes a comfortable living from entertaining the punters, telling them what they want to hear.  Christmas is a time of 'fun and fellowship'.  God intrudes on that, but less and less as each year goes by.  The punters just want quick summaries but more especially they want entertainment, preferably in pictures. 

Unfortunately, this is all there is.  This is what we have been given and this is the way we have been given it.  I did not choose it.  I did choose to listen though, to heed the words that came unbidden into my mind.  I have chosen to heed the signs, the highly meaningful coincidences over twenty years.  That is why I, as another Oxford educated scientist have been able to prove that both Dawkins and Collins are wrong.  Here is one example of the Thread of Coherence in Code 557 over twenty one years.

There is a God, but He is not Jesus.  It is Dawkins who has the delusion, just as surely as any of the Evangelical American Christians he so derides.

But do not despair,  God wove a connection between Oxford and the Last Days several hundred years ago.  He does indeed know all things.  The growing arrogance of the atheists is but another sign that the end is indeed nigh, that and all the corruption, greed, lies and hypocrisy with which the world is awash from pole to pole.

Written 11/1/7

[1] The article also informed us that there were 507,000 in the US Army. Code 507 is the World’s end Code, linking to the organisation which has done so much to bring the End Times.  (6.50 11/1/7 Note added)

[2] The solution to the Wordwheel was REINDEER and one of the words form the Word Wall was POWER and another was PEW.  (7.03.15 pm 11/1/7)


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