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If you want to read more, buy these our books. Read about the intricacy of Godís designs - even in Code 503. Hymn 503 in Songs of Praise, begins :

God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform

Read about the neatly interwoven links in major disasters in Volume 1, The Diagrams of Truth. Read about destiny on a personal level in the lives of the Princes of Wales.  You can read more on this at Lines of Kings.   But there is another thread in the way I have been led to be in the right place at the right time to see the message God intends me to understand, and to see that that He knows the future in detail. My life has interwoven directly with both of the last two princes of Wales.  Exactly how is explained in Fragments of an Outer Mind, Volume 3, Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time.  For more on the various volumes see Fragments of an Outer Mind

Volume 2, The Confirmation Codes, will be available a little later, as well as an updated version of Mary, Daughter of Elohim which now includes powerful evidence for the reality of Judgement, Heaven and Hell. At least in one thing Pope Benedict XVI is correct. As the Hellís Pizza sign quotes him ĎHell is real and eternalí.

Predestination abc or A-Z, A Trainspotterís Guide to Destiny traces a railway theme over nearly half a century and explains in detail the cracking of the Katrina Hurricane Prophecy Code and that of the Kashmir earthquake of October 2005.

A Cancer Journey - Jennyís Odyssey of Faith will also be available very shortly. That describes how she has been guided through signs and coincidences for the past seven years in her unconventional battle with cervical cancer. It explains how, if you are willing to listen, there is Something beyond that you really can trust, even when all around you, including the medical professionals, fail. The doctors are amongst the worst false gods of the modern age. They occupy a position in society grossly above their merit. They do not save lives. At best, they defer death, but it doesnít sound anything like as good. They are amongst the worst at promoting the idea that the material world is all there is. They canít find a soul, so why should anyone believe in a fictional entity?

Our books are available from us directly:

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Drury 2247
New Zealand

Time is short. You might as well understand what is really happening in the world, not just accept the lies that the good and the Ďgrateí, the rich and the powerful, tell you.
If you feel positive about the future, itís because you donít have a clue about what is really happening in the world. But perhaps you donít care. If you are rich and successful, and hence what passes for happy, why should you?

The answer is because this world is not all there is. The world is a testing ground. It is here to determine íIf you are worth ití - Heaven, that is. If not, thereís always the fallback position - Hell. Donít rely on His Holiness for a third way. Purgatory is a book without pages, a theological creation to give power to priests. But are not so many theological creations specifically of that type?

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