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God's Representatives  - They claim - But which God?  True or False?

Priests lay claim to being called by God to a vocation but the behaviour of so many suggests that they are not God's representatives in this world, indeed anything but.  Many speak and behave as though they do not believe God exists, still less that they are answerable to him for everything they say and do.  Perhaps that the beauty of being 'Saved.'

The influence of priests on people today is less than it has been at any time in human history. But is that any surprise?  They have in large measure brought this upon themselves. Does a church which has deliberately hidden the gross sexual abuse of children, young men and women, for decades, probably centuries, deserve any respect at all? Does the High Priest who has been so active in this hiding deserve his position as God’s representative on earth?

The real God chooses to warn that Hell is real and Hell is for eternity. Did 'His Representatives' not believe the same message when they had sex with boys, nuns and willing members of the congregation. Did they not believe in a God who judges, who then consigns to heaven or hell, or do they believe that no sin can separate them from the love of Jesus and his all-forgiving church?

The Catholic Church rightly condemns homosexuality, but it expects its priests to be less than men, to cast aside the natural desires God has implanted in man for woman. That church demands celibacy of its priests, a demand which was acknowledged as unreasonable, if not downright ungodly during  the Reformation in England 450 years ago. That was one of the great reforms which came with the Church of England.

The Church of Rome makes impossible demands on its priests and their lives are all the poorer for that. The demand is too great for very many priests, if not most priests. The result is the sex scandals now engulfing the Catholic Church. It is rich enough to pay off the victims in America, powerful enough to silence them elsewhere. The Catholics decry homosexuality as an abomination. They should do the same with enforced celibacy. By denying man the richness of a relationship with a woman, a real woman, not the plastic tart so common today, the Church does not help a priest find God. It helps him lose a vital part of himself.

And much of the problem lies in the Church’s teachings on love and forgiveness. The Catholics place great store on Confession. The priest forgives sins and hands out penances. He claims to stand in loco deo. But he does no such thing. At best he stands in loco cathedra. He represents the church. He does not represent God. He represents a corrupted doctrine, Paulianity, a gross perversion of the teachings of the real Christ, at least as gross a perversion as the sexual devotions which the Church so rightly condemns.  To learn more about the real man sent by the real God, see Mary, Daughter of Elohim.

This is because the Church does not teach about the absolute nature of God’s Judgement, a once and for eternity event. That would reduce the power of the priesthood. How can the priest forgive sins whilst warning that God weighs all things in the final balance?

The teachings of all the churches are corrupted to varying degrees. The behaviour of priests likewise…… From the sexual deviants in the Catholic Church to the Pastors of the Evangelical churches who extract their 10% irrespective of need on the part of their congregations. There may be needy people in their churches, but there are no needy pastors and certainly no needy churches. Indeed, the churches seem to breed like rats, ensnaring yet more of the needy who have little hope in this world.

It is not difficult to see how Richard Dawkins is able to condemn religion. It is easy to talk of the good works done by Christian Churches over the past century or two, but is the church today anything more than a conscience-salving social club, even for the mainstream churches, away from the rabid evangelicals?

I have yet to meet a priest who is happy to discuss on a logical basis the question ‘Does God exist?’ The born-agains bore you to death with how ‘the Lord took control of their lives’. But they quickly get hot under the collar when you question how they know the identity of this ‘Lord’ who rescued them from their life of sin, gambling, drink, women or wealth….. Have they not just swapped one possession for another?

Is God real? That is the real million dollar question. Throw away the priests. That’s all that almost all are worth today. They are brainwashed purveyors of corrupt dogmas, unworthy of the positions they hold. Most are afraid to condemn the evils of society around them, hanging on for dear life to …….’Judge not lest ye be judged’. Most priests are parasites on society. They do not attack the ills of society; they feed them with all the talk of forgiveness.  If they warned of a God of Judgement, of the reality of Heaven and Hall, and if they exhibited such belief in the way they lived their lives, they would be worthy of their positions. But they are largely social workers trying to pull in punters to fill their near-empty pews.(For more proof of what I said here in September, 2006, see our later 2009 site The Airbus Codes warning of God's Judgement for all on death and see also  John Martin's Judgement Pictures.)

The Bishop of Carlisle was one of the few to see the truth, that the English floods were a part of God’s Judgement on a corrupt society and Britain has probably the most corrupt society in Europe. Thatcher and Blair have much to answer for.  But Protestantism itself seems to have proved to have very shallow roots compared with Catholicism. Why are Anglican churches so feeble? Perhaps the celibacy vow serves in the Catholic Church to weed out the more feeble.

Is God real? No, not to most churchmen. The priesthood is a career, usually fairly comfortable in the West, but some kid themselves it is a vocation, at least for a while. It is notable that the opposition to the 'liberalism' ie the corruption of the Anglican Church in England and America comes from the poorest countries of Africa.

The priestesses in the Anglican Church are very hot on love and forgiveness, at least from the pulpit. Again, it is not too obvious in their lives. But what kind of woman wants to be a priest? All too often, it is a woman who wants power. Feminine women are not much in evidence amongst the priestesses of the Anglican communion.

The churches today focus on man, not God. It is all about building communities, being social workers, playing happy families. Questions of right and wrong, morality, especially in business and the world of wealth creation are carefully skirted. Growing churches need wealthy benefactors and pliable, preferably unthinking and unquestioning congregations.  No wonder so many of the churches are dying.

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