Justice in the Floods


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The pointers to Hurricane Katrina began for me on the night of 25th June 2006 at Worcester Shrub Hill Station - Remember Bush’s nickname? - Little Bush or Shrub?

An invitation led me to a canal boat at Pershore in Worcestershire, where I just 'happened' to park beside a sign marking the highest level of the Avon flood of 1991. I later journeyed on that day via ‘Armageddon Bridge’ to Tewkesbury and then Gloucester. It was a day of very high river levels, following torrential rain on the night of 24th/25th.

I was pursuing a trail relating to Princes of Wales from the distant past, in particular Prince Arthur, the 8th Prince of Wales, who had been buried at Worcester Cathedral in April 1502.    That was why I thought I was in Worcester.   but there was another reason that I did not at the time know.  To follow the Royal side of the story see Lines of Kings. That other reason for my presence in Worcester that weekend lay in a prophecy of floods to come, in America and in Britain.  The Source knew that as He indicated two days later in Bath in a powerful very meaningful coincidence. The details are described in our book The Quest for Diana.  I had to be in the right place at the right time.  That was why Jenny's daughter had been caused to issue her invitation to me.  Was it just chance we were both near Worcester that night.  Her cat had wandered off so she had not carried on down the Avon that evening as intended.

On the Sunday morning I had breakfast with her in Pershore and enjoyed the luxury of a bath on her canal boat.   Around lunchtime, she set off for Tewkesbury.  I had lunch and toured the funfair with its strange links to Britain and America and their House of Ilusion.  Then I set off by car, toward tea time.  The emphasis over the six weeks of that English visit was on floods and the code spelt out so clearly was Atlantis Removals.  And so Katrina came to do a modern-day Atlantis Removals on New Orleans.   For more see Intelligent Design.  The full details are given in our book Predestination, abc or A-z, A Trainspotter's Guide to Intelligent Design.    It is abundantly clear that Katrina was in partial punishment for America, for what it has done to Iraq.

But there was a second half to the prophecy, a code repeat, which I only came to realise in July 2007.  Is it chance that the Codes that, in June 2005, prophesied Katrina in August 2005, came in the places that were themselves drowned in 2007?  Pershore had the heaviest downpour and Tewkesbury had the worst floods. The floods of 2007 followed my route in 2005 precisely.   I can only conclude that the Severn-Avon floods of 2007 were a small part of God's punishment for Britain.  There was a highly significant religious signature.  At 2 pm on 22nd July, there was a photograph taken of Tewkesbury Abbey, surrounded by the waters, rather like Noah’s Ark. I was reminded of the mosque, the only thing standing in the devastation of Aceh after the tidal wave of St. Stephen’s Day 2004 bore all before it. And Tewkesbury had been the ‘target’ that day of my visit in June 2005.  That photograph  appeared on the website of the Independent with the date and time most prominent.  To enlarge map

22nd July is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalen. That morning in New Zealand, her spirit had warned once again of God’s Wrath and of the Flood and Fire to come. Within twelve hours Tewkesbury Abbey had been surrounded by the Flood Waters.  The next day, the NZ Herald told of the Floods in England and the Fires in Europe, and especially on Kos, our stopping off point in May 1993 when we had gone to Patmos, the place where St. John had his vision of the End of the World, the vision which is now the Book of Revelation.   Read more in our book Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time.


Concurrent Confirmation in Meaningful Coincidence.
As if in way of confirmation of what I have just said about the English floods of 2007 being part of the Justice of God, something caused me to glance at my computer clock as I put in a floppy disc to load the Tewksbury Abbey screen image.  The time was 9.45pm on 24th September.    I was amazed.  As it opened the file and I waited for the machine to read it I watched the clock click to 9.46pm.  Code 946 is the code for Hammer of God.  To understand this it will be necessary to read the Inspiration of Arthur C Clarke.  But the full significance of that Code now will only be understood from reading Fragments of an Outer Mind, Volume 4 Grave Consequences

When I came to resize the image , up came the existing size 456 pixels.  456 is 2x228, a link to the fall of the Twin Towers undoubtedly a Hammer of God.  For the full details of why this is so see The Four Jigsaws.  The full details are given in The Diagrams of Truth. 

By coincidence, the time has moved on. 954 was something else that hit the earth, albeit  a trivial object, a satellite of man's creation.  Cosmos 954 cause a major contamination scare when it came down in Canada.

You may prefer to dismiss it all as chance.  Some people like claim I make things fit.  But it is funny how they do.  Some may say it is immoral to have innocent people suffer.  But are the people of Britain and America innocent?  They are 'free democracies'.   Despite the extensive evidence of deceit on the part of both men, both nations chose to re-elect their leaders, the very ones who had led them into an unjust war.  That war on Iraq has caused so much suffering to so many truly innocent people, people who never had the luxury of 'democratic choice'.  All that the majority of the British or the Americans cared about in May 2005 and November 2004, respectively, was that they felt rich, comfortable and secure under these leaders.   Why rock the boat?  As one selfish British woman said on the day of Blair's departure,  "Apart from Iraq, he has been brilliant".  And clearly Iraq was of little concern to her. 

But are not most of the Iraqi people innocent too?  Why should the selfish peoples of powerful countries who, in their own narrow short-term self-interest have wrought such damage, not be held to account collectively.  At least one English Bishop dared to suggest after the Yorkshire floods in June that this may be part of God's justice for an decadent land. Naturally he was ridiculed.  Few in the population at large believe that God is real. The few who do prefer Jesus, their personal saviour, their God of Love

But God has not finished.  These floods are just the first instalment.  There is much worse to come.   Read our book Grave Consequences, volume 4 of Fragments of an outer Mind.

For more evidence that the floods in Britain are a consequence of its support for America, see Oxford and the Last Days


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