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Prince Arthur, Prince of Wales had been married on 14th November 1501 in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Old St Paul's perished in the flames of the Great Fire in 1666, a Great Fire which was seen as God’s Judgement on the excesses of the decadent Restoration and especially the Court of the arch-sybarite, King Charles II. He made an art form of turning Mistresses to Duchesses, the Duchess of Cleveland, the Duchess of Richmond and ….. He was more catholic in his tastes in women. His brother, James, was even more Catholic, in deeper matters. Charles even acquired a young wife who was expected to just accept the long-ensconced mistress disguised as a Duchess.

Was the young Princess Elizabeth inspired at least once in her life when she chose the ill-omened name Charles for her newborn son in 1948? Charles I lost his head to an axe. Charles II was a serial philanderer. Perhaps losing your head to an axe is preferable to losing it to a Rottweiler.  Once again, is it a tiny glimpse of God’s inspiration, a Fragment of an Outer Mind? Was it a hint at Something that knows the future, with utter precision?

The next Prince of Wales after Prince Arthur to marry in St. Paul’s was Prince Charles, in 1981, but of course he married in Christopher Wren’s new cathedral. Charles had just recently bought a home in Gloucestershire, in consultation with the love of his life. That home was Highgrove, near the market town of Tetbury. Unfortunately, the love of his life was not the woman he was marrying that day in the cathedral. She was married to someone else, albeit someone else who also had a cavalier approach to marriage vows.
Lady Diana Spencer was to be the sacrificial virgin bride. She could do what queens before had done and just put up with it. Little did she know, as she was led down the aisle by her father to an unconventional bridal march(?), how unconventional her marriage was to be. After all, few marriages have three in it from the very start. And the spectre at the feast, the ‘one true love’ of Charles’ life, apart from himself, was skulking there in the shadows of Wren’s great cathedral, just as she was for the whole of Diana’s marriage.

Now is it just chance that the Tetbury phone numbers begin 01666….? Is that most appropriate ‘coincidence’ communication code link intended to link the Prince of Wales back to the Great Fire and the decadent marital arrangements of King Charles II? And is it chance or design that links Charles so neatly to Arthur? Diana even managed to transpose the order of Charles’ names during the service. But there is much more, for ‘the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’. Charles was born on 14th November 1948, 447 years after Arthur’s marriage. Arthur’s early death at Ludlow set in train the events which led to the foundation of the Church of England, because Arthur’s brother, Prince Henry, became 9th Prince of Wales on Arthur’s death, subsequently succeeding to the throne in 1509 as Henry VIII. Henry VIII was another one who sought to raise mistress to queen. Does that sound familiar? But first he had to get rid of an inconvenient and dangerous wife.

Ten years ago today, 6th August 1997, came an event which was to form the basis of my Diana’s ‘death prediction web’. It was a plane crash - KAL 801 on Guam, two islands away from Tinian, from which left Enola Gay on the same day in 1945, to kill 100,000 people in Hiroshima. But those airmen weren’t terrorists because they weren’t killing Americans, God’s chosen people. Jenny commented to me that it was different because war hadn’t been declared with the Twin Towers. But it had been. Bin Laden had declared war on America years before. It was just that America didn’t care. He was just a niggly little Arab…. Bill was too busy ‘not having sex’.

The skeptics, the Dawkins, the Randys and the Wisemans of this world will claim there is no possible connection between an air disaster and Diana’s death. No, there is no direct connection. The only connection is in the Fragments of an Outer Mind, some Higher Source of Intelligence, which we call God, who chose to use that air disaster as a ‘code book’ to indicate the future.  Men have used ‘code books’ in the past to transpose letters. The code is near impossible to break unless you know which book is the basis of the code.

At this point, the idea came to me to check the house power meter - 666452 kWh. Think about it. 666 is traditionally the sign of the Beast, all those who have sold their souls to the gospel of market forces, the engine of the Apocalypse (Rev. 13,18). 452 is 2x226. And 226 is the Code for Ra, Akhenaten’s name for God, the Code-maker.

Why does God make it so subtle, so indirect? Because that’s the way He has chosen it. God gives you a mind. Use it as the Maker intended. Don’t deaden it with raucous din, flashing lights or the slush that passes for entertainment. Think about what is really happening in the world around you.

There are the worst floods in living memory in England and India, the worst fires in Greece and America, the worst drought in Australia. Man is bringing about his own end. And his computers will help to finish him off. Look at all the nuclear power stations controlled by miles of code, and all the megatons of bombs controlled by miles more. Who can tell which rogue code will trigger the unthinkable? For in recent days, computer malfunction has been very prominent in our very meaningful coincidences.
Think of the number which links Prince Arthur to Prince Charles Philip Arthur George. November 14th, which can be written 11-14. And 1114 is 2x557. 55º7’N is the location of Lockerbie in the prophetic air disaster Code. And 2.2.57 was the final proof of the Chicksands Prophecy. When Lockerbie finally did come to American, the collapse of the North Tower confirmed the Chicksands Lockerbie Code precisely - 2.2.557. The same Codes weave ever back and forth through space and time.

Last night I glanced at our fax machine. I’ve never bothered to reset the date. It is a useless machine anyway, designed to generate profits for Panasonic with its ink film reels. It doesn’t feed paper properly and wastes whole sheets of paper and acres of inked film telling you it has just failed. The date on the fax was 14th November 2005 at 12.27. The actual date was 5th August 2007 at 11.48 pm, a date which has powerful connection in the Destiny Codes to John Martin’s painting, The Great Day of His Wrath.
There are so many cross-connections that the conclusion of intelligent design is inescapable. The connections are never-ending - all evidence of God’s Inspiration and His Hand in the world in these End Times. But wait, there’s more!

Prince Arthur died at Ludlow. Prince Charles tasked the Rottweiler to vet the Mouse one day at the races in March 1981. Those races were at Ludlow. The infamous picture, the first ever of the Mouse with the Rottweiler, at Ludlow, is oft reprinted whenever the history of the ‘Great Romance’ is trotted out. Parker-Bowles decided that Diana was a sweet little thing who would do as she was told and not interfere with the romance of the century. How wrong she was!   And will the British now, too, be like mice, and accept this dreadful, conniving woman and her weak husband as Queen and King? Are the British willing to be manipulated yet more? As Basil Fawlty said, “The War’s over - all forgotten - all friends together now.”

There are so many destiny elements linking past to present, times Tudor to times Elizabethan II. Another little twist is that the death of Prince Arthur in Ludlow in 1502 was on 2nd April. 503 years later came the latest death of a Roman Emperor, in 2005, also on 2nd April. But was it really just chance that woke me early on 13th February 2005 and gave me the idea to read Angels & Demons? I even had a vision of where I could find my copy of the book. I hadn’t been going to bother with Brown’s prequel to The Da Vinci Code, as that novel had irritated me so much with its dreadful Yankisms, not ever expurgated from the British edition.

But because of my insomnia on 13th February, I did then begin to read Angels & Demons, a novel set around the death of a pope. Was it just coincidence that the real pope lay on his deathbed? Or was it design? Was I wakened because Something knew the deep relevance of that earlier, more inspired novel? The real pope died 503 years to the day after the real Prince Arthur had died at Ludlow. And Code 503 lies at the heart of the explanation which the ‘trained Harvard symbologist’, Robert Langdon, gives to Vittoria Vettra in the hallowed sanctum of the Vatican Library. 503 is the code in the novel which refers to Galileo’s (fictional) work, The Diagrams of Truth.

It is more evidence of inspiration in Dan Brown’s two ‘symbologist novels’. Actually, this is another dreadful Yankism. There is no such word as ‘symbology’. The correct word in almost all the contexts in which it is used is ‘symbolism’. On occasion, symbology requires to be replaced in English by ‘the study of symbolism’.   But despite the ‘grating’, there is powerful evidence of God’s inspiration in both The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. For a much more The Inspiration Of Dan Brown But there is far more which will be explained, together with very much else about the reality of both angels and demons in this world in our book, Angels Or Demons?.

Suffice it here to say that the paths of the Church of Rome and the Church of England crossed once more on 8th April 2005. The ‘marriage’ of the man who imagines it is his destiny to be King clashed with the death of ‘God’s representative on earth’. For the first time since the Act of Supremacy in 1532, an English king, albeit in waiting, chose instead to pay homage to a dead Pope. So once again, the weakness of the Heir Apparent was thrown into clear relief. After all, he had to do what the Archbishop told him and he had been on the first plane out to Rome. Ecumenism is so much more important that principles, after all. And the ‘almost Catholic’ Prime Minister was definitely controlled by his very Catholic wife. Here was a God-given opportunity for her to play centre stage in her widow’s weeds. Rumour has it that she even waived her appearance fee! But of course, no official pronouncement could be made, because of considerations of National Security.

Prince Charles supposedly admires the cadences of the Book of Common Prayer. Does he even know that most of the work of the most memorable prayers was that of one Thomas Cranmer, a man who, in the end, preferred the flames to the embraces of Rome? Cranmer said “Better the fires of this world than the fires of the next.” Charles and the Rottweiler should ponder those words deeply, but for them both, I fear, it is already too late.

Dan Brown’s novels really are quite inspired. Read Angels and Demons and then think about the sign in St. Peter’s Square on the day of the funeral of the man they are so keen to turn into a saint. The links dart back and forward, through time and space. There is so much evidence of design and a Designer.

Richard Dawkins could not be further from the truth. But neither could his opponent, Francis Collins.  Dawkins is fanatically opposed to the idea of a God. Francis Collins is equally fanatical in his determination that God is Jesus and that Jesus died for his sins. Dawkins actually got quite close to the truth when he admitted “There may be something impossible grand, but not Jesus or Jehova.”

Both of these scientists are wrong. You can now read the scientific evidence for design in the Webs of Space and Time. A new series of books is nearly complete - Fragments of an Outer Mind. Volume 1, The Diagrams of Truth, looks at the evidence of design connecting four apparently unrelated disasters - The Lockerbie air disaster of 1988, the Mecca tunnel disaster of 1990, the Twin Towers attack of 2001 and the Columbia Shuttle disaster of 2003. This book explores the pattern revealed in these events and derives a startling conclusion. 9/11 was the Hammer of God for America. Sadly, as ever, the Yanks didn’t learn the lesson intended. Instead, they took revenge on Afghanistan and Iraq. Someone had to pay. At least they were all Muslims. It is called ‘precision bombing’. When the Yanks bombed Libya in 1986 in revenge for the Berlin night club and the US army base, it was called precision bombing. To yanks, precision bombing meant you got the right country. With 9/11, it was more difficult with these nebulous ‘terror entities’. Precision bombing post-9/11 came to mean they got the religion. It was Muslim terrorists who hit the Twin Towers. So Muslims have had to be taught a lesson - ‘Don’t mess with the US!’

But not content with bombing Libya in revenge, it has recently emerged that greedy American lawyers are trying to do a second grab in the Libyan sweet jar. The US blackmailed Libya to cough up $10M per ‘victim’ of Lockerbie. It is amazing how money soothes loss! And the other ‘victims’ of these earlier terror attacks are now ‘seeking redress’ in American courts. Evil and greedy lawyers are behind so many of the world’s ills and injustices. They encourage the less bright to be ever greedier and take a healthy percentage of the spoils for themselves. Not until Libya coughs up again to ‘right all these wrongs’ will sanctions be fully lifted. Are lawyers good guys? I know from bitter personal experience where I’d put them, one and all!

Volume 2, The Confirmation Codes, contains details of the strange coincidences which came in the months following completion of Volume 1, culminating in the brightest comet seen for forty years,  echoing so strongly the theme of ‘Hammer of God’.

Whereas Volume 1 looks at destiny and design on a global events scale, Volume 3, Destiny and Intelligent Design in the Webs of Space and Time, looks at design on a personal level. Inter alia, It traces the strange links between the Princes of Wales over the several hundred years since the order was founded by King Edward I.

Even today’s paper carries a neat little link to Edward I and, incidentally, to how I have earned a living for most of the past ten years. There is a report of a new method of dealing with corpses. They are to be boiled at 150ºC under pressure with potassium hydroxide. After drying, this reduces them to dust. Neil Little of the Funeral Directors’ Association of NZ said “It was not an appealing option.” Is burning an appealing option? Do the fires of this world not have unfortunate overtones with respect to the next? Incineration of the body leads to ashes. The new process leads to dust. Cranmer’s powerful and timeless words from the Funeral Service of the Book of Common Prayer are:

Earth to earth ,ashes to ashes, dust to dust…..

Edward I died on a most timely day - 7th July 1307, a much earlier 7/7, but 7/7/7. The English 7/7 was merely a bit of justice. The signs were given to me on the night of 6/7/5, with an emphasis on the Twin Towers Codes. London suffered but a tiny fraction of what their army has helped inflict on Iraq. Where is the justice in that? These people in London were all innocent. So are all the victims of ‘collateral damage’, the millions made refugees, both inside and outside Iraq. And don’t forget Britain is a democracy. On Judgement Day, 5/5/5, they re-elected the second most evil Prime Minister Britain has ever had - Blair. Thatcher takes the crown, with her 666 signature. What did the voters care about Iraq? Not a lot is the answer. They voted for wealth, comfort, and the security of living in a 1984-style police state. Britain is an economic miracle - but at what cost?

The newspaper article has such a neat relevance in the line of the Kings of England, but especially to King Edward I, the man who founded the order of the Princes of Wales in 1284. King Edward I knew that his son was a wimp who had a preference for men in tights. He insisted that, on his death, his own body be rendered down and his bones carried by the army. Robert the Bruce was reported to have said, “I fear the bones of the dead king more than I fear the living son.” After Bannockburn, he said, “It was harder to win a foot of land from the father than a kingdom from the son.”

Edward II, First Prince of Wales, was defeated at Bannockburn on 23rd June 1314, a date that links the last two Princes of Wales. King Edward VIII was born on 23rd June 1894 and abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee. He was the last Prince of Wales determined to raise Mistress to Queen. He only got as far as Duchess as well.
But is it all just chance? Or is it design? The spirit of King Edward VIII was sent to me in 1989 to ask me to write to the Prince of Wales, sending a birthday greeting for his 41st birthday and to warn him about his advisers. Read the full story in the book. The proof of that message, which came through Jenny in a trance, came the next day, in a Surrey bookshop. See ……………..

Diana’s end was encoded in her passport - 12558D - ‘Death, Egypt, and the Muslim world’. And Charles had Bannockburn in his B131415. I wouldn’t cling to Agincourt.
When we visited the site of Bannockburn in 1986, our ticket number indicated a destiny of which we then knew nothing. The number contained the sequence 557, but Lockerbie was still two and a half years off.

So, read Volume 3, which will be available from 22nd September 2007. It also traces destiny in my life and in Jenny’s life. Did I have to go to Oxford, as did King Edward VIII before me? He had been at Magdalen College, with its link to Mary Magdalen. And Jenny had a cousin, a couple of times removed, who is a New Zealander. In 1990, he became a professor at Oxford. His chair was the Alister Hardy Chair, funded as part of Hardy’s desire to promote the scientific study of religious experience, my very own area of expertise. But Jenny’s relative was a psychologist, one not interested in practical scientific results. He was much happier in the abstruse world of the academic psychologist.

I went up to Worcester in 1965. The original foundation on the Worcester site was Gloucester College. Worcester is a relative newcomer, dating from 1714, whereas Gloucester College dated back to 1283. Some of the old monastic buildings still remain. Gloucester College was the original religious foundation in the university, founded and funded by the monasteries of Britain. The monasteries were destroyed in 1539 under the orders of Henry VIII. The church and the monasteries were known to be corrupt, so different from the court. Henry’s cronies benefitted from the destruction of the ‘corrupt’ monasteries. It was the political wisdom of the day.

Today it is Tony’s Cronies who have been well cared for. Yesterday it was John’s Cronies; before that Margaret’s Cronies, all the disciples of the Gospel of Greed. They just steal in a legal way. Sorry - it was a slip of the pen! The mantra is that they ‘create wealth’, if only for themselves. The wealth and success of Britain is a Northern Hemisphere South Sea Bubble, based on what is now a terminally sick and violent society. Everything changes, but nothing changes.

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