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There were many strange coincidences in October 2004 when Scott Smith appeared as a contestant on the Australian Channel 9 TV programme Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Scott was a New Zealander, a chemist who lived in South Auckland. He did very well, winning  $500,000, but he was stumped by the Million Dollar question – Which Saint B built the monastery at Monte Cassino? Was it Benedict, Boniface, Bonaventure or Bernard?  Ironically, it was a religious question that floored him. A little later,  at the end of the programme, had said that he had aspirations to go to Bible college and become a Pastor.... Was this a sign he was going the wrong way, I wondered ?

Yes it was a religious question but the real million dollar question is also a religious one. It is a question which has occupied some of the best minds for perhaps ten millennia : ‘Is there a God?’.  I can now answer that question SCIENTIFICALLY.

Over the past twenty years, I have been led to use the techniques of science to enable me to give a scientific answer to that scientific question.  This site discusses some of the more recent evidence,  much more from the last two decades and beyond.  Yet more will be found on and on

There have been so many significant coincidences. Is it really logical to dismiss them all as chance? Does Something actively choose to link us together when the time is right? For I too am a chemist who lives in South Auckland. Was it really chance that caused me to meet Scott Smith some two and a half years after his great win?  Was it not design, the will of the Designer, the Hand of the Designer?  For the experience came through some evangelical Christians.  It was intended to be their chance to 'see the light'.  But like everyone else they didn't want to know.

My wife, Jenny, sings with South City Soundz, a women’s barbershop chorus. One night one of the other chorus members was talking about driving down to Napier, some 420 km, for the Art Deco Weekend. It is a festival when Napier remembers the February 1931 earthquake which altered the foreshore and caused enormous damage to the town. 256 people died. It was New Zealand’s worst disaster until the Mt. Erebus air crash which exceeded the loss of life by one. Jenny had been thinking of visiting her parents and spending her 60th birthday with them. As they are getting old, she felt it might mean something to them. Her birthday that Friday happened to be the start of the festival. So she asked Vivienne about a lift. “Plenty of room,” was the reply. “We’d love to have you.”

So, on 14th February, Jenny went off to Havelock North. Even the vehicle had a curious link to ‘Going Home’. On the afternoon of 19th February, I got a phone call from Jenny asking me to clear the garden table to entertain Vivienne and Bill for tea. For some reason, shopping in the supermarket only half an hour before I had decided to get a roast chicken so Jenny could have a quick snack before going out to singing.

Over tea, I chatted to Bill and slowly many curious coincidences gradually emerged, linking Bill and Vivienne strongly into our research. They had met when they both worked at Harrods in 1960, but of course that was before Mohammed Fayed’s acquisition of the luxury department store. Even so, it linked strongly to the present owner of Harrods, Fayed, and his connections to Princess Diana’s death. Bill and Vivienne married on Easter Saturday, as did Jenny and I, nearly three decades later. But, there was even more. Vivienne’s father had lived in a flat at World’s End, Chelsea not far from my first London flat, where so much of my earlier psychical research took place in 1985.

I talked of the coincidence of the Lockerbie plane crash and the curious code 557. Bill’s response to this was “You’d get on with my friend, Scott Smith. He’s interested in numbers too, but not numerology. We go to the same church. He was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? a few years ago.” Then it clicked. He must be talking about the other South Auckland chemist.

“What a curious coincidence,” I said. “He is a chapter in one of my books, The Million Dollar Question. Mind, at present it is only notes. I have got to write it properly. It is one of the unfinished chapters towards the end of The Alpha and Omega Codes.” Then I remembered the South Auckland chemist had religious connections. He had said at the end of the programme he wanted to use some of the money to go to Bible College and become a pastor.

At the Napier Art Deco picnic, Bill and Vivienne had found a 1922 Tutankhamun display. It was another coincidence link to Jenny and the true story of Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, Tutankhamun’s wife, which had come through Jenny in a trance in 1986. The next morning, I rang Bill to query something he had said. After quite a long chat, he invited us for a meal. He chose 2nd March, the anniversary of Howard Carter’s death in 1939. Howard Carter had discovered the tomb in November 1922.

A few days later, Bill rang to tell me Scott would like to meet me.  He suggested a café in Manukau City would be fairly central for us all.  I agreed and the date was set for 10th March. About half an hour before I was due to meet them, I got the idea to do an internet search for Scott Smith. More coincidences flowed. Scott Smith, a chemical engineering ‘sophomore’ at Texas A&M University, won $8000 in a college Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Another search return was a Steven Scott Smith in New York, waiting for the call back to be on the American version of the TV programme.

I narrowed the search by adding ‘Australia’ to Scott Smith Millionaire, and up came the link to the right Scott Smith. The show had been broadcast on 4th October. I thought it was odd I had not registered that significant date at the time.

I clicked on the item and up came a picture of Eddy McGuire and a $1M cheque. But what struck me were the numbers on the cheque 1902 555 700. The Lockerbie disaster code is 557 and my talk of the Lockerbie 557 disaster code had caused Bill to think of Scott Smith and his interest in numbers and religion. But there was also the ‘NZ code’ 5570….. And here I was about to go off and meet Scott Smith to talk about Lockerbie, 557, coincidence and evidence for the existence of God in the shadow of Manukau City’s own Twin Towers, on the flight path into Auckland Airport.

Scott began the meeting by talking a little about his interest in numbers and their connections to the Bible and especially to Jesus. Then he spoke of the TV programme and the strange way he got ideas to read up on a couple of things before hand. Only he had not managed to do so. And the questions came up! I asked about his job. What kind of chemist was he? At one point, he had worked for one company doing water analysis and my work had been in waste water treatment, so the chemistry links between us were even stronger. We were both analytical chemists.

As time went on, I noticed that both he and Bill were quoting passages from the Bible at me, especially the Old Testament, and I began to wonder whether I was being targeted for conversion to Jesus. Were they hoping to 'bring me to the Lord'?  They would most certainly be disappointed.  I had no intention of giving over control of my life to some entity that offered spurious Salvation. From my chats with Bill, I knew they were both staunch Baptists who met at church each Sunday and at a men’s group each Thursday.   I began to suspect the worst.  I tried to change the subject.  I asked about Scott's interest in numbers.  I was disappointed.  He was interested in the Greek Gematria, but his examples did not impress me with their specificity.

As time went on my disappointment increased.  I was hoping to be able to discuss the curious patterns in numbers with Scott as one scientist to another, especially as he had a professed to a keen interest in religion on the Millionaire programme.  I was trying to use my experience of the numbers to illustrate coherent design and hence by implication, the existence of a Designer – God. But my approach was deductive, from my own personal experience. He seemed to be using the Bible as the central pillar of his work.  It is rather peripheral to mine. But the existence of God is the only logical conclusion of my long-running scientific experiment. For my Great Experiment, I had no need to depend on any Holy Book, but there were connections to several.  Scott seemed to come to what he considered to be God, through a troubling personal experience, but largely thereafter through the Bible.  In essence, he was just like other better known religious scientists, men like John Polkinghorne and Francis Collins, men who made exactly the same mistake in confusing Jesus with God.  Francis Collins  had been Richard Dawkins’ opponent in the Time magazine debate in November 2006.

I noticed Scott glance at his watch. I asked if he was in a hurry to leave.  He said he had to go soon as he had a social function that evening. “OK, one last quick thing,” I said. I opened my folder and took out the print of Eddy McGuire and the million dollar cheque. “Look at that. See anything significant in it?”
Scott looked – “555 – Well, I’ll be 55 next year and I get a lot of 44’s.”
“What about you Bill?” I asked, turning the paper round to him.
“I don’t see anything,” said Bill.
“Read the cheque numbers, 555 700. Remember Lockerbie and code 557?” I asked. At that moment, I glanced up and, going past the open door of the Columbus Café beside us, was a greeny-yellow sports coupe. My eye was drawn to the number plate - SQ4557. “Bloody hell fire,” I said and dashed to the door and photographed the car going away. I had been able to see it from where I was sitting. They could not see. Scott and Bill both had their backs to the world outside. I turned back into the café and saw the car had turned right, going around the café. It was now visible to them, going away, from the other entrance of the café.
“See!” I said.  It is “Coherent, concurrent confirmation in space and time. It happens so often, when I am trying to explain things to people. The coincidence is saying ‘He is right. You really should listen.’”

Then Scott said “There is a 577 coming the other way.”  “The Chicksands unbeliever,” I said laughingly, but they didn’t know what I meant. There was no point in explaining, so I didn’t bother to try. The other people in the café looked on with some amazement at these mad goings-on. Not for nothing had they called me 'The Mad Professor' at work, both in Tuakau and in Portsmouth.

I saw this coincidence as my answer to their attempt to ‘bring me to the Lord’, if such it was. But Scott had given me a useful additional piece of information. The 4th October date was the transmission of Millionaire in Australia. It had not been shown in New Zealand until 11th October. “Good Heavens!” I had responded. “Both those dates tie so strongly into my latest book, The Diagrams of Truth, especially 11th October, Code 10-11.” That explained the internet reference to 4th October and why I had not registered that date when the programme was shown in New Zealand.

Is it really all chance, or is Scott Smith and his huge win a significant part of the answer to the real million dollar question?

On 16th March, I had heard an announcement of the Prime evening programme as I was about to switch it off after the British Who Wants to be a Millionaire? programme which finished at 7 pm. The Australian programme was returning that night for the first time in ages. It turned out to be the celebrity edition. Shane Warne was the ‘fastest finger first’. Then I remembered his 557 link. A few months ago, his last cricket match, his last win, was against England and, in the top left hand corner of the screen as Shane Warne leapt in the air for joy, had been the letters TARGET 557, the runs England had to make….

That same number 1902 555 700 is on Scott’s own $500,000 facsimile cheque too. My attempts to find out whence this number sequence arose have proved fruitless so far. I spoke to Ellie at Channel Nine in Melbourne……. She had worked on Millionaire but knew nothing about the cheque numbers.   Someone at Celador in London promised to make enquiries.  Someone would contact me I was told.  Nobody did.

Perhaps it is significant that I write this today. It is the second anniversary of the day the End came in my rendering job, the AΩ link to the End indicated by the weighbridge dockets, some five months earlier.

I have had a few conversations with Scott since, and we are both convinced that the coincidences are the Hand of God, proof of His bringing us together. But Scott sees it as my opportunity to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I see it as God saying to Scott to look beyond the Bible and beyond beyond the corruption which thanks to Saul/Paul is the saviour Jesus of the New Testament.  Christ never claimed to be God. He wasn't.  If you want to know the truth about Christ, read the story of Mary Magdalen.

18th March 2007

Postscript: 1
And still my meaningful coincidences continued. Fourteen days after my meeting Scott, I was at the Countdown supermarket checkout. The checkout lad scanned the Tui beer crate twice in error. We began talking about scanners and computers. Then I noticed the checkout lad’s name was Scott. I thought no more about it until later that night when I happened to look at the receipts to check the time. The first receipt was number 9557 for groceries and number 9558 was a packet of videos….. It was more confirmation that the ‘Scott’ coincidence codes were part of the Countdown….to the End, the Last Judgement for all mankind.

Typed 01/04/2007 12:31:02

Postscript 2
I drafted the following letter to go to Eddie McGuire  'The synchronicity is fantastic" to use his words, far more than he ever began to realise.

Channel 9 TV
F.A.O. Eddie McGuire

3rd July 2007

Dear Sir

I enclose, for review, Volume 1 of Fragments of an Outer Mind. This is the first of a new series of books published by Lux Aeterna Publishing. The Diagrams of Truth contains some results from a novel but controversial study of the phenomenon of meaningful coincidence over a period of 20 years. It draws thought-provoking conclusions from this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon. The book identifies an order of coherence behind world events, a real signal in the apparent random noise of major disasters.

I also enclose a copy of a chapter from another book showing how the Australian TV programme Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? has become a significant part of the overall pattern. The Million Dollar Question which Scott Smith was unable to answer on 4th October 2004 was a religious question: ‘Which St. B. founded the hilltop monastery at Monte Cassino? – Was it Benedict, Boniface, Bernard or Bonaventure?’ Take your pick.

The real Million Dollar Question for everyone is ‘Is there a God?’ For in that answer lies the whole thrust of our lives. Are we really here just to seek opportunities for wealth creation, however dubious, or to seek happiness and pleasure as the highest good?

Is there a higher purpose? Is there a destiny we each should strive to find? Is there a pattern behind the chaos of world events? Is there indeed a God? The evidence to answer all these questions is to be found in these books. But they take effort to really read and comprehend. They are aimed at the thinker, not the couch potato, for the latter has no hope at all. Use the mind God has given you for the purpose intended. Think, question, evaluate, decide. Then choose.

Is it all chance? Are all the strange coincidences behind Millionaire really chance? Or is it all evidence of purpose, evidence of design? Is there indeed a reality beyond space and time, however intangible to conventional science?

Perhaps you can pass this material on to some thinking journalist, print or TV, if you know one.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. B. J. Cocksey

PS: I wrote the first draft of this letter to you on the morning of 29th June 2007. That very night, I flicked across from the NZ TV early evening news programmes with their highly parochial news coverage, to find the nightly British Who Wants to be a Classic Millionaire ? programme with a question on the abdication of Edward VIII, an event which is of great importance in Fragments of an Outer Mind Volume 3, Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time.  That contestant went on to win £1M, ie A$2.5M

Half an hour later, you appeared on the weekly Australian edition of the programme on Prime TV. It featured the lucky Irishman who had ‘expected’ a question on NATO. Fortunate choices had got him to $125,000. Then came another brief contestant who had had dreams about the show. But her dreams were let down by her mathematical ability and she departed with $1,000. But it caused you to talk of John Edwards, the spiritualist. Our work is much concerned with the reality of communication from beyond the grave, but not trivial theatre style, like his.

Then came an opera singer who won the Fastest Finger First because he had sung the song which was the subject of this question only three weeks before at a corporate function. “God’s talking to us,” you quipped. “The synchronicity is fantastic.” The opera singer won his Fastest Finger First in 6.77 seconds, which is the unique ISBN identifier of our book, The Diana Enigma giving messages which have come to us from the spirit Princess Diana in the period between 1997 and 2005. But the Duke of Windsor and Princess Diana are connected in so many ways, and not only by exile form the Royal Family and death in Paris.

Yes, as you said "The synchronicity is fantastic". I prefer the term ‘meaningful coincidence’ because Jung was right about very little else, other than that meaningful coincidence is a real phenomenon with a deeper significance than most of his fellow psychiatrists are prepared to admit. And Jung’s experiences of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence pales into insignificance compared with our own.

PPS: I also enclose a copy of a letter I have sent to a number of newspapers.

Postscript  3
Since he was a successful quiz show contestant, Scott was later invited to appear on a new New Zealand TV quiz programme The Rich List, in August 2007.  After the qualifying roud, his money scoring -list was 'Name the international airlines which fly into New Zealand'.  The strange thing was that that car at The Columbus Café in Manukau had the registration number SQ 4557SQ is the airline code for Singapore Airlines.  That cafe is directly on the flight path into or out of Auckland Airport, depending on the wind direction on any particular day.  I heard a plane loud and low over the cafe as we spoke.  I had gone out to photograph it.  I later discovered that it was a Singapore Airlines flight.

But Scott or his partner made a mistake.  They got one wrong.  So they won nothing from that game.

Postscript 4
I inserted the image of car SQ4557 image on this page 22.9.7. It was at  3.19pm. Code 319 means Crede Signo,  Believe in the sign. See Land of My Fathers for the full account of this important reference or Kismet  and the Keys to Space and Time for a brief explanation.  As for why 2297 is important see The Seventh Sign

The tune with which this page opens is known as Slane.  I had wondered about a tune for this page.  Immediately I got Who wants to be a millionaire?    But then I thought no. It needs to be a hymn tune about wealth.  Then these words came into my mind.   Riches I seek not, nor man's empty praise....The words came into my mind with the tune.  But what was that tune called?  It was then that Jenny appeared with a cup of tea.  "What tune do you get for the Millionaire page?"  I asked her?   Immediately she started to sing Who wants to be a millionaire?    I don't.  The trouble is that 99.9% of the population do.  They dream of winning the lottery and giving up work.  To the question "Then what would you do?" there would be a blank look.  Who needs a purpose in life.  You can just take it easy like the rest of the world's parasites, the 'High Net Worth' individuals whose money is working so hard for them.  I said "That's what I thought at first too, but no, its not the message of the coincidences.  No, it has to be a hymn."  I sang the words Riches I seek not nor man's empty praise..  "But what is the tune called?"  Then the words of the first verse came into my mind.  Be Thou my vision o Lord of my heart.  Jenny said "Is it Slade".  "No" I said, "but you are close though.  Now I remember, it is called Slane."  And its homophone is a warning to the wealthy.  For too many people in the world, the Lord of their hearts is gold.

I had already realised it had to be this tune because it is number 557 and that number 557 is the real theme underlying this web-page.  In the Autralian and New Zealand Combined Churches Hymn Book, With One Voice, the tune Slane is given for hymn No 557, hence it is WOV 557.  That was the hymn set for communion the last time we sang in the Mount Albert Church Methodist Choir.  That service gave an important message about the errors of the priestess-hood, linking powerfully to prophecy and code 557.  The hymn is given here.  I added these two hyperlinks at 1557hrs on 22.9.7. For proof see here..

But the significance of this particularly intricate train of events does not end here.  There is much, much more.

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