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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 14:58:23 +1200
Subject: Re: Meaningful Coincidence and Beyond

Hi Brian

I have forwarded this email on to a friend and she will contact you if she is interested.

All the best,

From: Cocksey <info@lux-aeterna.co.nz'
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 14:08:18 +1200
To: <marama@................

 Subject: Meaningful Coincidence and Beyond


I enclose my submission to Michael and his reply.  Odd that he brings another birthday link. Your birthday was on Sunday last, 8th June, the day  we call Ankhsoun's birthday, because her spirit first came to us on 8th June, 1986.  I first spoke to you on the evening of 9th June, well after office hours.  Something told me to ring the MiNDFOOD number anyway, even though I was pretty sure there would be no reply.  You answered the phone and we spoke for quite a while. 'Fascinating' you said but quite rightly, it turns out, you doubted it would fit with MiNDFOOD. But, clearly, I was meant to speak to you. You said 'fascinating', Michael said 'very interesting'.  Given the reactions of you both, the story should appeal to many thinking women and men.  There must be somewhere we can get the story placed.

Thank you for your time.


This was the response from Michael McHugh, the Editor -in -Chief of MiNDFOOD
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 07:02:24 +1000
Dear Brian

Thank you for your email. Interesting enough when you picked up MiNDFOOD on the 12th of June, you won’t believe it but that is my birthday. Your email and story is very interesting however I don’t think it’s quite right for us and our readers.

Thank you for thinking of us, and supporting MiNDFOOD.

All the best



On 16/6/08 12:43 PM, "Brian Cocksey" <brian@lux-aeterna.co.nz' wrote:

MiNDFOOD   My Story        16th June 2008

In your current July issue, you asked for submissions on the subject of ‘Your Story’ so I write to make you aware of my unusual experiences and those of my wife, and at the same time to address a subject of much interest to a wide variety of women, the paranormal.

Other women’s magazines feature tame mediums and psychics, often with an agony aunt type column.  Most of it is facile, shallow, feel-good nonsense. The approach I propose is very different and should interest the intelligent woman.

For twenty years, we have been involved in research into the paranormal. It was just that at first neither of us realised it.  I am very unusual in being both a scientist and someone convinced that an awareness of the paranormal is something of value in one’s life.  My interest in the paranormal came from a life-changing experience, one which many people can relate to.  I discovered my wife was having an affair but that discovery came about by ‘coincidence’.  Did ‘Something’ want me to know I was being deceived?  It also sparked my interest in the paranormal.  A couple of days after I had discovered it, a friend who had ‘no way of knowing’ told me of my wife’s affair.  When I asked how the hell he knew about the affair, he explained that ‘spirit’ had told him.  He explained that he was a spiritualist medium. That was how it all began, twenty-three years ago, in 1984.

I had had an ‘intuitive’ interest in Egypt even before I married my first wife in 1973, but that interest became a lot stronger after the end of my first marriage and before I met my second wife.  Jenny. She had lived for a while in Egypt with her first husband and had then set up a business in England, selling Egyptian paintings.  One weekend in 1985 – it was Valentine’s Day, a friend found an advertisement for Nile Egyptian Papyrus in Prediction magazine which she pointed out to me.  So, following up the advertisement, I went to Jenny’s gallery to buy some pictures and then circumstances just seemed to conspire to throw us together.  It turned out that her marriage had been dead for years and not that long afterwards, she came to live with me.

Then one day, some months later, for the first time in her life, Jenny went into a trance.  It was not her talking, but the wife of Tutankhamun.  I understood what was happening only because of my earlier research into spiritualism.  Prior to this, Jenny had had no experience of anything like this.  This woman spoke many times over the course of a month and, as a result, I wrote a book, Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra.  It is Ankhsoun’s auto-biography from beyond the grave.  

It sounds improbable but there seem to be so many destiny elements in it all.  What led me, in 1985, to follow up a long dormant interest in Ancient Egypt?  Did Jenny and I have to meet for this woman to be able to talk to me?  Was it just chance that Jenny and I met on 18th February 1986, the exact anniversary of the day Howard Carter opened the burial chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb?  And my parents were married on 23rd November 1946, twenty-three years to the day since Lord Carnarvon landed at Alexandria on his way to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.  My mother was born on 22nd November 1922, four days before Howard Carter opened the tomb…… And some of the treasures that were brought to London in the last Tutankhamun Exhibition in 1972 were stored in the secure basement of a house in Kent which my sister  purchased in 1982.

Of course, the subject is quite topical now, given the Tutankhamun Exhibition in London, the first for 36 years.  That exhibition has been covered in a number of Australian magazines.  Yet, although a quarter of a million people may have seen that exhibition, not one of them knows anything really about the life of Tutankhamun, even less his queen.  The tomb and the artefacts within infer little but the death and burial.

The experts, the psychologists dismiss such voices from beyond the grave as secondary personality disorders.  For them, in their arid world, there is nothing beyond the material, no soul, no spirits, no life after death.  But whence came Jenny’s knowledge which is set forth in that book?  How could she tell me this woman’s story when not a single book containing the information has ever been published in the world?  A recent magazine, Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, ISSN 1741-2293 Issue 53, quoted as follows:  ‘Ay succeeded to the throne of Egypt and went on to reign for around four years, then Horemheb succeeded him.  As for the beautiful queen, Ankhesenamun, except for one single scarab, she seems simply to fade from Ancient Egypt’s history…..’  Was it only for her to emerge in my darkened basement flat in Chelsea, one night some 3300 years later?  But from the time of the Tudors, that part of London has been associated with royalty, albeit Britain’s kings and queens,

Could what Ankhsoun’s spirit says really be true?  I spent six months after writing down her story, carrying out research into that period of XVIIIth Dynasty Egypt. The period of Akhenaten/Nefertiti/Tutankhamun and their exact relationships is confused.  There are almost as many theories as Egyptologists. I was able to produce a theory which accounts for all the artefacts from that time.  It is not difficult to do critical research in one subject when you have a doctorate in another real subject.

“So what?” you may ask.  “Why should any of this be of interest to today’s thinking women?”   Because many women tend to have an interest in mediums, life after death, knowing the future, often basing their life decisions on intuition and operating on a deeper level than most men.  But is that all nonsense?  Some of it is. The question is ‘How can you tell the difference?’

Our research does not just end with that woman from antiquity. Her story was just the start.  Since then, we have been shown that meaningful coincidence can sometimes be a communication code, or perhaps a form of guidance in difficult situations in your life.  On visits to Egypt, meaningful coincidence has authenticated Ankhsoun’s story very strongly.  

Meaningful coincidence has also featured prominently in Jenny’s decision not to have conventional treatment for cervical cancer, when the bungling NZ cervical screening programme failed to diagnose her disease in time.  And was it really just chance that six months ago, her life was at least extended by a South African doctor we only met at a Tutankhamun lecture in May 2005.  His phone call came on 26th November 2007, the 85th anniversary of the day Howard Carter broke through the necropolis seals exposing that tomb to the light of day for the first time in over three millennia.

So the question arises as to whence this guidance comes?  Is the use of meaningful coincidence or psychic awareness not a stronger and more developed form of women’s intuition?  Meaningful coincidence often seems to revolve around codes and symbols, a non-fiction version of The Da Vinci Code if you like.  So this is one area where both women’s and men’s interests tend to converge.  Women have an interest in the psychics, mediums and messages; men tend to be more interested in numbers and codes…..

A critical, intelligent approach to the paranormal is a niche in the magazine market which no one fills.  The serious magazines, like The Listener, treat all of it as the nonsense which much of it is. Nexus is all conspiracy theories, UFOs, free energy, etc. Rainbow News is all rosy glow stuff.  The New Zealand Women’s Weekly, New Idea, etc. treat the paranormal as they treat most things, as sensationalist, no-brainer stuff.  Our approach is too complicated for them.  It requires intelligence and an attention span longer than a minute or two.  Nor is it celebrity-focussed, but based on real experiences of real people in the real world.  But do you not target intelligent women?  

In a way, our research gives a scientific validation for something many women experience but such experiences tend to be denigrated either by less perceptive women or most men.  So many women do not talk about these things for fear of ridicule.  In my lectures, women would often come up to me afterwards and say “I’ve never told anybody about this, but…..”  Even one magazine shop owner told me of a strange experience he had had which he had never dared discuss with anyone before.

There is a reality beyond this world, which our research renders slightly less intangible.  Would you be interested in a series of articles about the coincidences surrounding my meeting Jenny, about how we came to get Ankhsoun’s story, the proof which came later in the meaningful coincidences in major disasters between 1988-90 which were intricately interwoven with the story of this woman from 3300 years ago?  And there are the strange destiny threads which link me to the Duke of Windsor who, as King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne for love.

To what extent are we actors on a stage?  There are so many powerful elements of intelligent design, so much suggestive of destiny.  Can it really be all chance?  Or is there indeed such a ting as destiny?  Is there some way we can get some ‘external’ source of guidance in our lives to achieve our destiny, to give our lives real meaning, real purpose?  And was that not the theme of your cover headline in the current July issue….‘Our expert advice will help you find purpose, meaning and satisfaction.’

And there is guidance in our lives to be got from little things that happen.  If I had understood what I now do about signs and pointers, I would never have made the mistake of marrying my first wife.  The signs answered the question which so many women ask in psychic columns – “Is he right for me?” It was just I didn’t understand that I was being given a message.  Only years later, did I understand the warning signs for what they were.  As a scientist, I would never have begun to consider that such things could possibly have any validity.

But now, with hindsight, and my much greater knowledge, I can see clearly.  Perhaps my experiences may give others confidence to trust in signs, to see the meanings in coincidences, things mocked in our so-called logical, materialist and pseudo-scientific age.

My proposal progresses very much the theme of your July issue. The cover headline is ‘Take charge of your life’.  This is what Jenny did with her cervical cancer diagnosis, nearly eight years ago. After the first shock, and deciding what to do, for the first time in her life, she felt that she was in charge.  She refused to be railroaded by people who ‘knew best’.  What the doctors who would ‘save her life’ said did not fit with her intuitive feelings or the signs which I could read.  She felt so strongly about her treatment by the medical profession that she has written a book, A Cancer Journey – Jenny’s Odyssey of Faith, to help others see beyond ‘the only way’.

One avenue you could also consider is to ask readers for their personal experience of coincidences, or their personal experiences of messages/visions of spirits or relatives from beyond the grave.  No one has done that in New Zealand before.  One advantage would be that you would be able to tap into the Rainbow News market too. That’s 90-odd percent women, some intelligent, others less so.

On the morning of 9th June, I said to Jenny, “Where could we try and place an article?”  Almost as an answer, the word Mindfood came into my mind.  “Isn’t there a magazine called Mindfood?” I asked Jenny.  “I’m sure I’ve seen the name.  Was it on an advertising hoarding somewhere in the last few weeks”.  When I rang APN News and Media, they assured me they had never heard of such a magazine.  But when I was buying the English papers at Woolworths on 12th June, I noticed a copy of MiNDFOOD on the shelf.  I flicked one open and saw your editorial asking for readers to contact you about ‘My Story.

So it’s over to you now.  Am I wasting my time trying to interest you in a different area, an alternative market?  Or do you want to pursue my proposal further?  It could do very well. You have to choose. Some of your staff will be quite fascinated by these topics, others cold or even antagonistic.  In the end, it is your decision…..  If you want to ring me, my phone number is +649 2995597 or mobile +6421 0557 0514.

Brian Cocksey

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