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Book 4048 23rd June 2008


As promised, I enclose the article I sent to MiNDFOOD and the reference to the curious coincidences about birthdays of Michael McHugh and Marama Castle-Brown.

And you, too, are strongly connected through coincidence. Your Egyptologist friend at Yale is a particularly strong link. I was quite amazed when you told me of that. The chance of my finding a woman on any New Zealand womens magazine who has heard of Akhenaten is low, let alone someone who has a friend who is an Egyptologist.

As for your birthday being 22nd December, miles away from Marama's and Ankhsoun's, yes it is, but 22nd December was the day I cracked my first Destiny Code.

On 21st December 1988, we opened an exhibition of Egyptian paintings in a restored railway station in the Scottish Borders. We were trying to promote Ankhsoun's story and the story of Akhenaten. We didnt sell much. In fact, we sold only one painting. It was an Eye of Ra. I didnt think much to it. I only found the entry in my notebook five years later - 12.21 Sold Eye of Ra Yet the date was 12.21 21st December, and that night Pan Am 103 crashed 40 miles away at Lockerbie.

We had found the station only by chance whilst test driving a new car we couldnt afford to buy. Id got the idea to ask about a new car one day on our way to Edinburgh. It was a daft idea as, like now, we can barely afford to pay for a full tank of petrol. I forgot about the car until a couple of weeks later, when the garage bloke rang me to tell me he had got in exactly the kind of car Id specified a low mileage 2-litre Montego estate car. So we took the car for a test drive. I drove round the Melrose by-pass and discovered the old Melrose railway station. The by-pass had been built over the old railway line and now Melrose station stood on the by-pass. The line closed in 1964, but someone had bought the old station and restored it. I had long been interested in railways, so we drove into the town to have a look.

We found the station had an empty art gallery, so we arranged to hold an exhibition. We opened that on 21st December. On the way home that night, we decided to do the Christmas supermarket shopping in Kelso. Again we hadnt intended to, but in the dark, I missed the turn I had been going to take. As I turned the headlights off in the carpark, there glowing green in the dark was the time, 5:57. Shortly after we reached home, a farmhouse high in the Border hills, news came that Pan Am 103 had crashed at Lockerbie.

Jenny went to look up the location of Lockerbie in an atlas. She did that because of a strange earthquake coincidence the week before. And there it was. Lockerbie was 557N. Now we understood why 557 had been emphasised in the past weeks, the last time just an hour before the plane crashed. Something knew 557 was important, like one piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

The next day we watched the local Border TV coverage of the disaster. At one point there was a closeup shot of the cockpit of the crashed jumbo jet. You could read the name, Maid of the Seas. So I went to get one of my plane-spotting books to find out its registration number. I was staggered to find it was N739PA. That car we had taken for that test drive had the chassis number 7AM396557. So the first three digits were 7-39, were separated by the name of the airline. The last three digits were where it crashed. 7.3pm was the time it crashed.

So you see, 22nd December is an equally significant date. It was the start of my understanding the Codes of meaningful coincidence. And in the middle of it all was Egypt, Ankhsoun, Akhenaten and the Eye of Ra. It is all part of the proof that our experience of the spirit of Tutankhamuns wife, Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, really is a genuine phenomenon, part of a much greater puzzle. It all helps to answer that question you posed in the March 2008 edition about psychics. Is it real?

I wrote another article this morning which addresses the wider question of destiny. It adds a further dimension to the destiny questions I raised in that first article to MiNDFOOD. But you probably have enough for now to decide whether you want to do an article on our experiences.

These things are not just interesting stories about the past, things that happened to us. They are of interest to millions of women around the world today. They suggest that there is a reality behind what is called womens intuition. It is a real form of guidance. Psychic awareness and the ability to read signs and see meaning in timely coincidences are more highly developed forms of the same phenomenon. It is not just rubbish. Mind, a lot of psychic stuff is just that all rubbish the 0900 lines are nothing but a con. You cant just dial your future, get confirmation of your soul mate, advice with your investments. Thats not what it is about. Help from outside comes on the basis of need not want. The signs, the guidance, the warnings come in different ways, almost always spontaneously. You have to have the courage to trust that these things are real. Our experiences give a sound basis for such trust.

The few women who have read Ankhsouns story have found it very moving. Could it really be Jennys mind making it all up? She knew nothing of that woman. She didnt even know her name until I told her that day we met at Wembley.

Jenny found that copy of Next with the albeit missing, psychic article at her GPs surgery on Saturday, 21st June, the day of the winter solstice in Auckland. Pan Am 103 crashed at the winter solstice, 21st December, in Scotland. Incidentally, on her way home, she noticed the mileage on our car change to 223557 outside the Buddhist temple in Howick. As the article was missing, I said to Jenny that we were obviously meant to phone you to ask for a copy of the article and see if anyone was interested in our story about Ancient Egypt and meaningful coincidence.. The coincidence of Jennys finding that copy of Next was clear. It was NEXT after MiNDFOOD

So what do you think? Sorry to make it more complicated with all the Lockerbie stuff, but I wanted to explain to you that your birthday was anything but miles away.

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23/06/2008 13:07:30

PS I had just finished typing in some corrections to this article. Jenny typed most of it a little earlier. My eye was drawn to the computer clock. It read 3.57pm 15.57hrs. I did a print screen And then did an Insert Date and time. It came up at 15.57.39 on 23rd June 2008, a day that is most significant in my codes. But that is a whole new area relating to Britain's royal family. This print screen is a kind of hologram to say to you that however far fetched it sounds, it is all true. Anyway, I cant fiddle your birthday and you can check the date of the Lockerbie air disaster on Wikipedia. It happens so often that as I talk to people. It is as though they are given signs that I speak the truth. It is the same when I work on my books. Things keep happening in the world around that link to what I am writing about. There is much more to reality than the material world of space and time.

23/06/2008 16:07:12
Maybe it sounds a bit deep but after 24 years work, I feel that our work is a kind of proof of the existence of God. There is so much evidence of interconnected design linking experiences with the spirits of the dead.

Perhaps you can send the MiNDFOOD article on to Julie. She can contact me if she is interested. Or send this whole e-mail on if you want.


23/06/2008 16:32:45

Then I appended the Article I had sent to MiNDFOOD and the very significant Print Screen.   But as I copied across the file from Word to Eudora, the Email programme. I realised the time was 1738.  After a quick check it was 1739 when I hit send.  It seemed to me very much that these computer time were intended to authenticate my story to Emma, as well as the strange coincidence of her Egyptology friend.

The next day colour photocopies of the promised articles arrived. The date was 24th June 2008.  We had left Luxor for Minya en route for Tel el Amarna on 24th June 1990.



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