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God and Science - Hearing Voices in Your Head

For the past twenty-one years I have been aware of a sentient entity which has chosen to communicate with me.  I can trace that awareness to one day in June 1985, at Ravenscourt Park tube station in West London, when I became aware of a Voice telling me what to do to achieve my aim at that moment in my life.  That was to get from Ravenscourt Park underground station to the premises of a computer firm, Applitek, for a meeting to discuss a law and accounting college computing system. (11.54.33)  

 I knew it was not a long walk as I had been once before but that time in the company of someone else.  I had forgotten to look at a map before leaving my office directly opposite the rather mythical symbol for Justice, set high above the Old Bailey.  As ever, I was in a hurry, always late,   

Suddenly this Voice in my head said to me “I will guide you.”  I did not think it a pointer to my need to call in a psychiatrist or men in white coats, or prepare for the funny farm.  It did not come as a great shock to hear a voice in my head.  In many ways, it seemed a natural progression.  For nine months, I had been investigating Spiritualism and had spent a lot of time talking with Norman, the medium who had been led to take up model railways to make that vital link to me in 1984. 

But up until then, I had got messages from the ‘spirit world’ via Norman.  On some occasions they had had an incredible accuracy.  But I had had no one else to talk to.  All the people I had trusted had let me down.  My wife had started an affair.  My boss and  closest friend had just re-organised me out of a job.

Now I surmised that ‘spirit’ as Norman called it, had chosen to speak to me directly.  But soon I was to come to understand more than Norman or any of the other mediums ever had. 

For most of the next hour, I was taken on a circuitous route, ending at Stamford Brook tube station.  Then the Voice said to me, “Yes, it would have been easier to consult a map.  But there are no maps of the future.  Get the train back and I will take you directly there.” And so it proved.  Within five minutes of arriving for the second time at Ravenscourt Park, I was at Applitek.    It had been my first experience of a 3D parable.

But etched sharply in my mind was now something else that the Voice told me, “My way is not the most direct way, but My way is the best way.

And so, for the past 21 years, it has proved.  I came to discover that that Voice is the Voice of God.  There are other voices too, those of individual spirits.  But never do I get the amorphous ‘spirit’ so beloved of so many mediums. This Voice has chosen to guide me, but at least as importantly, I have chosen to listen, despite the mockery that comes from the world around…..There are the 'Rationalists' ...'It is all chance.  There is no God'.  Then there are the Born Again Christians 'God is a God of Love.  Spiritualism is evil, dabbling with the occult.'  And then there are the New Age psychic fairs………mediums Tarot card readers, druids, gypsies.  It sounds so comfortable, with the tinkly music, soothing meditations and wafting incense.  'We are all gods and goddesses…..co-creators of reality'... some reality!!!!!.. a real nightmare.

After the Applitek meeting, the Voice again came into my head.  “Do not go back on the train.  Get the first bus that comes.”  I had no idea where it was going, but the Source knew precisely. ( I had  an London Transport Travelcard so fortunately I did not have to give the bus driver my destination, which was a blessing as only the Voice knew where that was.   As I edit this I am reminded of the title of my train book Predestination - abc or A-Z 7:49pm 13th October 2012  very much A Day of Knowing)  I just had to trust.  I came to understand much that afternoon.

That night, back at her stately home in Kent, I tried to talk to my sister about my experiences, to little avail.  It was to be the start of my long exercise in futility, trying to convince anybody of the reality of communication from a source beyond this world, almost certainly God, of the reality of the survival of death, of the purpose of meaningful coincidence.  In 21 years, I have convinced one person, the one I married, twice. 

But then, I was meant to meet her.  It was destiny.  She was part of the Puzzle.  She had been led to understand a little of what I said before we met.  Her business, Nile Egyptian Papyrus, was the link which brought us together, through an advertisement in Prediction magazine.  And ’Prediction’ is what a lot of my work has been in the ensuing twenty years.   I do not claim to predict through my own efforts, only through my understanding of the Codes that are given to me.  Sometimes I kick myself for not having spent more time.  The signs were so clear about the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia.  I should have predicted it exactly.  But I didn’t…..

Likewise, Mary, an erstwhile friend of Jenny’s, on the day of the Conclave in 2005, brought us a newspaper from her then recent English trip.  The clue was there as to the result of the election of the Pope.  I failed to see it until too late.

But I am aware daily of the existence of the Voice, the reality of the existence of God.  For a long time I studied Spiritualism, more extensively from the autumn of 1985.  That was because Spiritualism was in part how my psychical research career had begun, how I was told of the infidelity of my then wife, Margaret, whom I had met in Oxford in June 1966.  But although there is a certain amount of truth to be found in Spiritualism, there is as much dogma as with any Christian priest. 

As well as the Voice, I became aware, in time, of other voices, from beyond, spirits of the dead.  They did not come at my behest or at my bidding, but according to my need, or theirs, or that of Another.  And the authenticity of this communication came in the meaningful coincidences in our world of space and time.

But the most coherent and comprehensive examples of communication from the spirits of the dead came not through my mind, but through Jenny’s.  Perhaps it was in part due to the nature of her experience in her life, her personality, her nature, but the most powerful and recurrent examples have come through Jenny.  Mary Magdalen and Ankhsoun-pa-Aten spoke in 1986, the Duke of Windsor in 1989 and Princess Diana over all the years since her death.  But on some occasions with both Diana and the Duke of Windsor, their spirits have linked into my mind too.

In some way or another, these spirits link to, or are sent by the Voice, God for want of a better word.  Their messages are internally consistent, one with another, and are verified by the totally independent cross-connections of meaningful coincidences in our world of space and time.

That is what marks our experiences as completely different from those of the multitudinous imposters of the internet and the bookstores, like the fake ‘Diana’ entities, the fake ‘Jesus’ on askjesus.com, the false entities of the New Age, Ptaah and the multitude of ‘Ascended Masters’.  My Voice is very different from the misleading entity in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, whatever that entity really is.  Doubtless he hears something.  It is just not God.  These entities are all part of the massive deception which characterises these End Times.

There is a Web of webs which is ever cross-connecting and cross-authenticating our research.  It is the hologram of truth…..always cross-linking through space and time to another dimension beyond.  Richard Dawkins is an excellent example of this technique in action.  He does his best to ridicule religion and religious belief.  But our coincidence Codes repeatedly weave around him, to prove that he is wrong to deny the existence of God based on the certain corruption of religion and the incredulity, verging on stupidity of so many believers.   He appears to imagine that the evil which man does, proves that there is no God.  But the evil that man does merely goes to show how man has turned his back on God and why there is now no hope for man.  Dawkins puts his faith in evolution.  Man has evolved to the point where he is now at the brink of destruction, both at his own hand and at the Hand of the God he denies.  My ‘Dawkins experiences’ began in early November 2006.  I had just given a copy of the first draft of an 80-page edition of Fragments to John Ashworth on 4th November.

Then on 8th November, I was reminded of Dawkins and his God delusion, when I found a copy of Time magazine, the Science vs God edition.

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