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Coincidence and Destiny -  The 557 Thread of Coherence

Early indications of The Fates - the sign of Clotho or is it Lachesis - ? See Daughters of Erebus  See also The Powers and Threads of 557

Or is it The 'Spinner of the Years' ?  See Thomas Hardy's poem on the Loss of the Titanic ' The Convergence of the Twain.  ( And there was another Convergence of the Twain at The Glenbrook Vintage Railway on 29th September 2012 - 507 with 946 Worlds End in conjunction with the Hammer of God - The Jessica code refuting the mocking journalists  like David Spiegelhalter.  9th October, 2012)

There is a clear thread of coherence in the continual recurrence of the same code numbers in our lives over the last 20 years. One of the strongest examples is that of Code 557. An alternative thread is the one of railways. See my book, Predestination abc or A-Z, A Trainspotter’s Guide to Destiny The example of 'The Impossible Princess' is very clear as a sub-thread, a railway sign in 1961 of my future 25 years hence.

1. The Lockerbie Disaster   21st December 1988.
The number 557 was emphasised to us 19 days before the crash of Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie, 55° 7’N. The other numbers and letters of the car chassis number, fitted with other elements of the disaster - which airline, when and most important of all, why?

2. Trainspotting and Egypt   1935,   but I discovered it only in January 1989.
I have had three great passions in my life, railways and Egypt and chemistry. My railway interest began in 1959, 24 years after the LMS railway built the Jubilee class locomotive with the number 5570, and gave it the name New Zealand. I met my second wife, Jenny through my interest in Egypt. She is a New Zealander. Through her as a medium came the story of Ankhsoun pa Aten, the wife of Tutankhamun. Ankhsoun’s father was Akhenaten the heretic Pharaoh, the first contemporaneously recorded man in the history of mankind to proclaim that there is one but one God. He called God Ra and adopted the Artenn as his representation of Aten-Ra, the sun whose rays end human hands

3. The San Francisco earthquake   17th October, 1989

After finding a large cut-out model of a Pan Am pilot in the window display of a travel agent in Sutton Surrey, I returned to my car to get my camera only to find that it was surrounded by other ‘Lockerbie cars’ - cars with Lockerbie number plates. [It was presaging  that Ghost Whisperer episode with the spirit of the pilot and the plane crash.] In front was a 557 one and over to the left a 739 one parked alongside a 103 one. 9See Enigmas of Space and Time - The Prophecy Codes- 1992) After photographing the Pan Am display, I saw that there was a charity shop directly opposite at the foot of Sutton High Street. I crossed the road to look at the old books. That was when I heard a woman talking to the shop assistants about the film, which she just been watching on a video, The Seventh Sign. That film ends with a earthquake in Venice, California. But that film, about the End of the World, had itself been the focus of many coincidences over the previous month. It was that conversation, that lead to my being told of a book in the shop, which I had missed during my perusal of the shelves, Morgan Robertson's prophetic novel The Wreck of the Titan. That 1898 novel had so many elements of the loss of the Titanic, to come in 1912.

Nine hours later came the San Francisco earthquake at 1704hrs smack in the city rush hour. Lockerbie was a 703 code. Next morning the TV news had a reporter with the caption LIVE 703am. Another scene had broken office windows uncannily resembling a scene from the film The Seventh Sign.

4. The Chemist, 557 and Egypt    27th June 1990
Now there is a link which only a chemist could see.  The correspondence between Arabic and western numbers is this :

 The Arabic looks very like a hastily scrawled 557.  The number   really transliterates as 226, which by coincidence, is the atomic  number of the element radium. Its chemical symbol is Ra, Akhenaten’s name for God. I made this connection on my way to the ruins of his city of Akhetaten on the 27th June 1990, the only day in the year which has the connotation of “My Son’, for it was my son David's 13th birthday. What was it meant to be a confirmation through meaningful coincidence that  when Akhenaten said Ra was his father, he told the truth.

5. The Appointment in Paris    16th November 1991
In November 1991, we went to Paris to try to talk to the Libyans about Lockerbie. Two undoubtedly innocent Libyans had just been indicted for their role in the bombing of Pan Am 103. The day we arrived in Paris, 16th November, the addition number of Le Monde was a 14557. [ Later I realised that in US dating it is 11.16.91. 1116 is 2x2x29, code 2229 a code that was to become important in 2006]. During that visit I was asked to read the lesson at Mass in the Church of the Madeleine. The lesson was the one which tells of the signs preceding the end of the world, Mark 12, 24-32, an alternative version of The Seventh Sign!

6. The Odour Conference   15th -19th May 1995
My first trip to Australia was to the Gold Coast to attend an odour conference at Bond University, in May 1995. The post code for Bond University was Queensland 4229. We arrived in Brisbane on Sunday, 14th May. The weekend edition number of the national newspaper The Australian, published on the Saturday, but still available on the Sunday in the airport, was 9558. The Friday May 12th edition on my birthday was number 9557. It was an echo of Le Monde in 1990 and The Daily Telegraph in 1991 At that conference one of the papers concerned odours in rendering plants. One of the other speakers was from Environment Waikato in Hamilton NZ. He too would in time be involved in the rendering industry, two years into the future, working for the very same company as me.

7. The Rendering Plant Job   26th March 1997
I was given the new job in Easter week in 1997. It was to be very much an element in the Enigmas of Easter. Waikato By Products was the second client for my new company, Orion Consulting. I had to fix a waste water treatment plant that had been wrecked by inappropriate chemical additions. The plant was situated at Tuakau on the Waikato River in New Zealand.   I later discovered that the day that on the day that I started work there, the weighbridge dockets reached 55700. The weighbridge symbolises the great balance, echoing the theme of God's justice, which is what Lockerbie was for America.
     That job was to last for eight years, and to give powerful proof of coincidence in The Alpha and Omega Codes, in particular proof of the words spoken by Mary Magdalen. On the night of 20th December 2004, the newly installed the 'Maddalena' process control flow meter, which I had ordered, stopped at 557.7 m3. That code indicates ‘Heed or Perish’. (For its derivation see The Road to Shoemaker-Levy 9) Six days later came the Sumatra tidal wave  on St Stephens Day, 12. 26. 04.  For more on this see our  da Vinci Code site  ( That disaster occurred in the Knowing disaster prophecy list as did Lockerbie. But there was an interesting date error in the film.  The date appeared in the code sequences our way, not the American way ie 261204.  It should have been shown as 122604, for that indicates the power behind the Sumatra Earthquake...Ra code 226.  8th October, 2012 9:55pm)

And there were at least TWELVE more major occurrences of Code 557 over the next decade and many more minor ones.

Here are just four of them (2006)

Dawkins' God Delusion
Mars and the God of War
The Million Dollar Question
Ghost Whisperer


Twenty years on, echoing the Lockerbie disaster, with absolute precision, three more air crashes were  predicted by 557 'Cassandra code' elements,  between November 2008 and June 2009.   Chance is not a sensible answer. 

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