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 An Update of the Coincidence Codes  For 2007

Our sites present  but a small portion of the evidence that God is real and that meaningful coincidence is evidence of His Hand. More comes daily to us. But no one wants to know. Journalists are almost all ostriches, robots or sheep. The investigative journalist is on a par with the tooth fairy, Father Christmas or the honest lawyer, a  fabled species really concerned about truth and justice, a species sadly missed around the world today.

And the communication from the spirits of the dead, as we experience it, is also real. I would not say the same for most communication which comes through most so-called mediums. They make a comfortable living by bringing ‘comfort and closure’.  There is no comfort in the concepts of Judgement and Hell, but these have been strongly emphasised to us during June and July and August 2007. Details will be found or in volumes 2 and 3 of Fragments of an Outer Mind.   The American TV series Ghost Whisperer touched on some of these things but jumped the wrong way. After all, you must not frighten the punters…… But then, Jennifer Love Hewitt is so safely sexy. How could she possibly be conveying anything but the truth? She has the cleavage to prove it, and that winning smile, the earnest nature……

The signs come thick and fast. You may perhaps have seven years left. To see why, read Volume 3 of Fragments of an Outer Mind, Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time. [That is a better title. 10.26.29 - it just came….]

It’s a bit like a four minute warning, but you can do more in seven years. I wouldn’t recommend giving everything away, unless you are one of the worthless rich….. those of High Net Worth and low net value.   If you are, you really should worry. Your money can buy you anything in this world, but absolutely nothing in the next. Instead, it will seal your fate. As Ankhsoun warned, the rich are weighed down…. Nothing changes over time. Three and half millennia ago, the earlier Son of God, Akhenaten, stood on his balcony with his one daughter, the only one who listened, and pointed his hand. “Look, my child, over there you see the houses of the rich. God is not in them……” Nothing changes. But the rot really set in as wealth increased……around the world.  For more on how man's attitude to his Maker has so clearly changed over the last millennium, see Towers and Temples

So think on these things.

Links to some recent articles are given below. They relate to developments in our research during 2007, as I was writing Fragments of an Outer Mind, Volume 2, Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time.

In February and March, 2007, there were further major developments in Code 557 which are described in  The Million Dollar Question.  There is a powerful destiny element in some very meaningful coincidences.  But the whole experience also served to confirm my grave doubts as to the identity of the entity which born-again Christians worship as Lord. 

Other new papers concern all four closely interconnected aspects of our work, inspiration, destiny, prophecy and the End Times. The thread of destiny is illustrated in the connections to and between the Kings of England and the Princes of Wales over the last 700 years. The prophecy element relates to the curious cross connection between the hurricane Katrina flood prophecies of 2005 and the flooding in 2007 of the places in England which gave me the Katrina flood prophecy. As for inspiration, why else was I led to be in precisely the right places at precisely the right times to get the messages intended? The theme of the End Times is continued with neat links in June 2007 to my old university, Oxford, whilst to the west of that city, the reason for these English floods of  July, 2007 was made very clear through meaningful coincidence. There is also a paper about the purpose of meaningful coincidence, God's new hieroglyphics.

Lines of Kings
Justice in the Flood
Oxford and the Last Days
The Language of Meaningful Coincidence

Some other examples of the ever repeating Code 557 are given at The Coherent Thread of 557

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