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To understand how the Apocalypse  Code of 2297 first came to our notice in 1988, see The Seventh Sign

The year 2005 seemed to be a particularly significant one, as written in the Book of Destiny.  On 4th July 2005, America entered its 229th year of its existence.  Seven weeks into Year 229, 229-7, Hurricane Katrina struck.  It was the worst natural disaster in American history, the first time ever that a major US city had to be abandoned.  Code 2297 is the specific code for Armageddon, the End of the World.  Katrina was one of the signs.  The signs of that flood were given to me in June/July 2005 and the flood came at the end of August.  Those places in Britain which, in 2005, gave me the signs of the flood to come in America in 2005 were themselves flooded in July 2007….. Oh yes, Britain and America are indeed tied together in destiny.  It is the much-vaunted ‘special relationship’, the web of greed and evil that ties Britain and America so indissolubly, a web I first became aware of when I worked at RAF Chicksands in the summer of 1992 and realised that really it was US Air Force Base Chicksands.  Only the British didn’t realise it.  And it is these ties that bind that have dragged Britain to the forefront of the War of Terror.  Year 231 of America’s existence began on 4th July 2007.  231 is the Code for God, and the British floods are just a tiny taste of God’s Justice for a selfish, greedy and terminally sick society.

Dan Brown’s novel concerns a scientist trying to prove the existence of God – through science.  He devises a way to create anti-matter using the CERN accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  He uses the machine for his Genesis experiment and then uses it to create enough anti-matter to produce an anti-matter bomb.  But the anti-matter is stolen and the bomb is placed under the Vatican and the novel revolves around the chase to uncover those behind the threat.

But part of the purpose of the bomb in the novel is to restore people’s faith in God, to show that God is real!  The Church is corrupt anyway!  What changes?  The novel skilfully weaves a web around four of Rome’s churches and an old castle.  Read it.  Interwoven with that novel is a real story about the real existence of God.

I returned from my last Quest to England on 30th March 2006.  On 4th April, the NZ Herald carried a large photograph of part of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.  All that you could see were two large vertical elements, carrying the numbers 2227 and 2229.  My fare via Emirates to London had been $2229.  That journey was part of my Great Experiment which has provided real proof of the existence of God.  As ever, for that whole period, just short of a month, I was led in an incredibly powerful manner.  See Land of My Fathers.

But remember Code 2229 is part of the proof of the Hammer of God for false religions.  The North Tower of Mammon fell in New York on 11th September 2001, from a Hammer of God.  It fell at 10.28 and as the great cloud of all-enveloping dust and darkness rolled out across the city, the clock clicked to 10.29 am.  That is 2.29 GMT, or Universal Time.  The security forces apparently call it Zulu Time.  It would be better called Zombie Time in their cases.  Too many of them are androids, machines with the appearance of men, seeing terrorists at every turn, with their super-vision, and killing anyone who gets in the way of their version of freedom.

That cloud of darkness rolled out as the second tower , the North tower, fell.  No. 2 at 2.29, 2.229.  Is it a skilfully crafted novel I pen?  If so, the precision of it is amazing.  Yet the fall of the Twin Towers was no novel.  It happened.  All the times and events I refer to in The Diagrams of Truth are real. 

Dan Brown begins his novels with the disclaimer that all the places are real and that the various organisations exist.  All the places named in our books are real, and all the organisations too.  But so are the people, or what passes for real in the modern world.  But in addition, all the EVENTS in our books are real too, as is the Hand that wove it all together.  For God is real.

Want another little final touch of proof?  17th August is the 229th day of the year.  17th August 2007 was Day 229 of f2007 in Year 231 of American existence.  That morning, we were woken by a hammering on our door, a local neighbourhood emergency.  For the first time in my life I had to ring 111.  In Britain, it would have been 999; in the US 911.  I called for an ambulance.  The call turned into a bit of an interrogation.  I just thought the man at the other end was being PC and awkward.  A few minutes later, I heard sirens in the distance.  About seven minutes after my call, a fancy 4x4 ambulance arrived, more motorway patrol style vehicle than the usual ambulance. 

I walked the child down our drive to be confronted by a burly cop in a flak jacket, two ambulance personnel and another cop……  Their manner was anything but sensitive.  The ‘boys in blue’ had taken over what I considered a medical emergency and converted it to a criminal one.  It is to do with New Zealand having the worst child violence statistics in the western world, although this wasn’t one of them.  A recent case of a baby beaten to death had highlighted the problem.  Now any incident involving children has to have the heavy hand of cops all over it.  Want a bit of excitement?  Dob your neighbour in…..”I saw him smack his child…..”  You’ll have six cops round quicker than you can blink.

The child was taken to the ambulance, but instead of the ambulance departing forthwith to the hospital, he was interrogated by the cop.  His ‘partner’, a Maori woman cop, was sent off, to use his words ‘to secure the scene’.  Then reinforcements arrived – two more boys in blue.  Within a minute, a third car cruised past to see whether the situation had been contained.  How these characters would react in a major emergency is very much open to debate.  I’d say badly.  Their whole focus in on crime, blame and their own self-importance. 

In a road accident, the emphasis is collecting evidence to get a conviction.  They probably are the largest group of convictions they get.  Most criminals leave the scene and are much harder to catch.  So roads are closed for hours, and huge queues develop.  No one has the wit or inclination to direct traffic on one carriageway past an accident.  There is an advertisement about speeding which has such a laughable scenario, a chastened family driving past an ambulance at a crash scene, hearing the cries of the victims.  But that is not what happens in real life.  The family would be stuck a mile down the road in a long queue whilst the police ‘secure the scene’. 

The child’s mother returned and after a brief reunion with him, was interrogated by the cop before being taken back to her house.  A real ambulance then arrived and the child was transferred from the motorway vehicle to the proper ambulance.  But still the ambulance didn’t go.  So, we had two ambulances and two cop cars sitting there for the next ten minutes, whilst investigations were carried on.  There was the heavy hand of right-thinking bureaucracy in action…..And thanks to Sue Bradford and her anti-smacking bill, these Guardians of Freedom are now responsible for deciding who is to be prosecuted for smacking a child.  Child violence is a Maori problem on the whole, but the responsibility has been fobbed off on to the rest of New Zealand.  Suddenly we are ‘one nation’, because there is no money up for grabs, only criticism.  The NZ Herald, defender of democracy, champion of free speech, carried an article listing numbers of child violence cases in New Zealand.  The Maori total was 4300; the non-Maori total 2800.  But being PC and not wishing to make an embarrassing point, the numbers were not analysed.  So the whites account for exactly 40% of the cases….. But it is far worse than it seems.  Maoris are only 15% of the NZ population.  So if you correct those numbers by taking account of the relative populations, child violence amongst Maoris is ten times that amongst the rest of the population.  But that would not be an acceptable statistic.  So it is left for the reader to calculate.  Not one in a hundred would see it.  And it would not be culturally sensitive to dwell on it.

This is the reality of self-censorship in the increasingly Orwellian world of New Zealand.  Fortunately there is a little way to go before reaching the giddy heights of Britain with its universal surveillance ‘for the public good’.  To think the tourists think the London Eye is just a big wheel in the on the Thames.  The reality is that it is a dark presence surveying every action on every street – for ‘the common good’.

So did we have to be woken by the banging on our door on the morning of 17th August?  Was it coincidence, or was it because 17th August is Day 229 and here was an example very close to home.  Child problems caused by a sick, PC society and handled badly by the so-called emergency services.  You call an ambulance and you get cops in flak jackets.  I photographed the line-up outside our house – pseudo-ambulance, ambulance, cop car, cop car……

It is the opposite extreme from an incident not that long ago when a young woman called 111 and a taxi was sent.  She was later found dead. 

Not long after the departure of the thin blue line, I read our water meter.  It  read 2229.7184 m3.  My career for 32 years lay in treating dirty water.  Here I was reading the fresh water supply, the only ‘water meter’ on our premises……2229 is the number on the Large Hadron Collider picture from the NZ Herald of 4.04.06.  2297 is the code for the Apocalypse.  718 was a trip to York when I first saw ‘The Badsworth.  (See Predestination abc or A-Z – A Trainspotter’s Guide to Eternity).  That gave an indication of what the bad are truly worth – the fires of Hell.

So is it just chance that our water meter read 2229.7184 after the ‘emergency services’ call on Day 229 of 2007, Day 229/7?  The meaningful coincidences are meaningful indeed!

And is it also just chance that, the night before, the house electricity meter was at a most significant number when I came up from finishing the amendment to my cover for The Diagrams of Truth, necessitated by Jenny’s finding of a book in a charity shop?  She had picked out Visions of London, thinking it might have some pictures that meant something to me.  She was staggered to find inside a four-page leaflet about Lincoln Cathedral in its various stages of construction.  Lincoln Cathedral is a central element on the back page of my cover.  A date was different by four years, I discovered, so I had to amend my cover.

After my re-writing of the back cover which I finished at 22.27 on the computer clock, I left it.  The Voice told me to.  Coming into the house, as I passed the power meter, and glanced at it – 67194.2.  “It’ll soon be 946,” I thought.  It was ……at 11.11 pm on 16th August.  Code 11-11 means ‘lest we forget’.  946 is the code for the Hammer of God.  Read The Diagrams of Truth to understand how both these codes are derived.

16th August 2007 is Day 228 of the year – 228/7.  The identifier number of that power meter is 1202287, akin to N739PA on the plane that crashed at Lockerbie.  228 in the Destiny Codes means ‘Revelation’, with specific reference to the Book of Revelation.  Melvil Dewey devised the Dewey Decimal library book classification system in 1873.  It was during one chapel service that the idea came to him.  Would that be another example of God’s inspiration?  His code 200 is ‘Religion’ and 229 is the ‘New Testament’.  228 is the ‘Book of Revelation of St. John the Divine’.  229 is ‘Apocryphal Gospels’, those considered non-canonical by the Church.  The true story of Mary Magdalen would certainly fit into that category.  But she warns of the imminence of the event which is 2297.

So we can look forward to a Hammer of God for the earth.  Shoemaker-Levy-9 was a trailer on Jupiter.  The main feature is much closer to home.  Read The Diagrams of Truth for more on all of this and why Mary’s true Gospel  relates so powerfully to Shoemaker-Levy-9. 

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